Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Vegas breakfast


Mmmm, this was my breakfast this morning.


Why is it called a Vegas breakfast? Because the morning after I married my beau in Las Vegas, we cruised down for breakfast in one of the adjacent hotel's malls. There in all it's glory was

Krispy Kreme.

I had never tried this delicacy before but it was a sensational start to a marriage, let me tell you! So now whenever we have a little Krispy indulgence, we call it a little bit of Vegas.


Hoppo Bumpo said...

As Homer Simpson would say mmmmm .... donuts. There's something a bit different and special about those Krispy Kremes,

How exciting to get married in Vegas. Was it at the Little White Chapel?

Bird Bath said...

yumm! sounds like a spontaneous and fun way to get married.

Betty Jo said...

Promise me that is a true story, and if so,was it like in the movies?