Saturday, 16 April 2011

New brooch for Donna

Felt Brooch

New brooch for Donna......

These can be custom made in felt to your colour choice. Anyone interested? Email me via the Silly Gilly store or at silly.gilly (at) bigpond (dot) com.

Thursday, 14 April 2011


My daughter is in her first term of school as a reception kiddy (or prep if you're in Vic). She is attending a lovely small - medium sized metropolitan public school which is only five houses away from home and has two wonderful teachers who job share.

She is fortunate enough to have a good selection of family backgrounds in her class. Some families have an Indian background, others Asian, others high or low income. What a fabulous opportunity for her to mix with all sorts of children from such a variety of backgrounds!

One friendship that my daughter has made has been challenging my parenting and social beliefs and I'm really grateful for it. My daughter has made friends with a child in her class who has quite obvious behavioural challenges which result in frequent outbursts in class and disruptive behaviour. This child doesn't seem to be able to make friends easily, is on the outer in the social groups in the class and often comes to school quite dishevelled.

I have been so lucky to witness, whilst I'm in the classroom reading or helping out, my daughter take this boy by the hand and help him clear out his work tray. Or take his hand and keep him on track at the back of the line on the way to the library. Or play with him in the playground when none of the other children will.

All sorts of crazy thoughts have been bubbling up since I've known she has made this friendship. Has she any other friends? Is she mixing with the wrong sort of kids? Will she get labelled if she hangs out with this child? Just the protective tiger mummy coming out in me there. Of course she has lots of friends in the class and plays with them quite often.

Most ridiculous of all is "Oh no!! She's a rescuer!! She'll be forever chasing men in her adult life that need saving!!". How absurd! Sure, I'll gently guide her if she starts to make such choices.

But this childhood friendship is different. This is a case of my daughter seeing someone who needs a friend. A pal. Some stability in their every day life. And she so willingly gives her friendship and her hand that I feel very proud of her.

We could all learn something from my five year old....

Friday, 8 April 2011

Around the Block 2 block for Becky

First off, thankyou to the folk who gave me some tips re: my previous post. Much appreciated.

I've been keeping a little busy finishing a block for Becky for our Around The Block 2 swap. I added a couple of fabrics in with Becky's selection. I hope they are ok! Here tis':

Around The Block 2 - Triangles for Becky

Thursday, 7 April 2011


I wanted this all along.
Ever since I could remember.
6 hours of freedom a day.
Uninterrupted freedom to pick and choose my activities, or to squander hours at will.

Now I'm being swallowed and engulfed by the lack of limits and boundaries.
It's too much.

I vividly recall the days when I was working in the city amongst other suit-clad folk and longed for a day off to do as I pleased. Oh, the giddying independence... what bliss!

But now, finding my feet as a stay at home mum with her one and only child at school is a challenge. A soul searching, heart tugging, bloody hard challenge.

Any tips?

Things I could do today.....


* tidy the study/office/studio
* fold the mountain of washing - done
* walk the dogs - done
* do the grocery shopping
* sew for Silly Gilly
* finish some blocks for Round The Block2 - done
* photograph stock for Silly Gilly
* finish tidying my daughter's room - done
* clean the house
* do some exercise
* bake for school lunchboxes - done
* sit in the sunshine - done
* pick up one of my MANY unfinished projects to work on

Why can't I choose!??

Monday, 4 April 2011

We came, we saw, we shopped, we danced Part 1

calico and ivy
Calico and Ivy - the gorgeous Amy works here, lucky gal.

Divine colour - Prints Charming

Rainbow PC
Rainbow Love - Prints Charming

Happy thread - Prints Charming

Friday Night Dinner
Friday night dinner

photo credit
Saturday morning walk/run - the reason you don't see me in this picture is that I'm five miles behind this group! But I did make the whole 5km round trip.

Fabric Crazies
Hawking my wares Sew Vintage style.

Juddie from Flightless Boyds
photo credit
My new girl crush - Juddie of Flightless Boyds. Love your style Juddie!

Shopping ladies
More senseless fabric shopping, this time Sunday morning at Material Obsession.

All in all it was the best fun I've had in years. So much fabric and such little time. Not enough hours in the couple of days we had to talk to everyone but those I did chat with, thank you for being such gorgeous people!

And btw, the rumour about me being one of those loud South Australian people... it's all true.