Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Well, not really toe-curling, hair-pulling ow but ow all the same.

I'm seriously impressed and astonished at how much my boobs don't hurt.

6 days ago I had breast reduction surgery and my breasts went down from a G cup to a D cup. The new size will be confirmed once all settles down in the swelling dept.

And the crazy thing was the surgeon removed almost 3kg from my chest area. That's almost 3 bags of sugar I had hanging round my neck.

Things I know now....

I can now see my toes.

I now realise how flabby my stomach is. Couldn't see it pre-reduction.

I now may be able to purchase bras in colours other than beige and white.

I now realise how much you really need to itch when you want to but shouldn't.

I now think my boobs are tiny. Even though apparently they're not.

I now have boobs that are firm and conical and resemble what mine should have when I was 20. Being now 36, I feel like I'm cheating.

And no, you won't be seeing any before and after shots folks. Sorry to disappoint.
Back on board soon with craftiness.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Oh, to be a lesser woman!


B1: Hey there sister, what'cha doin' Friday?

B2: Not much. Just hanging around...

B1: How's about we chop ourselves in at least half and give this lady a lighter load?

B2: Sounds like a plan!

I will be back on board next week a load lighter. Hopefully at least 4 cup sizes lighter!! Boobage remodel booked for this Friday. Yeeee haaaa!!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Little bits...

Mr Silly Gilly went on a lovely 2 week trip to the UK to attend a friends' wedding. I had the option to tag along but the thought of a 18+ hour flight with an emotional 4.5yr old just didn't twirl my tassels.

He brought home some lovely loot for me including this book. So much information that is just as useful now as it was back in 1941. Ideas on how to spend your pennies thriftily and make your own accessories. How to repurpose worn out clothes, hats and suits. Ideas for hats. Making your own undies.

I've also been making slow progress knitting my daughter's Rainbow Dress. It's been tricky learning the increases and shaping required for the bodice but apparently now it might be straight sailing as I am now up to just making the straight skirt. Who knows, I might even get it finished before winter ends!!


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

She's gone and lost her head

This is an entertaining view of the late afternoon crazies that takes place on our back lawn every day.


One 4mth old Pyrenean Mountain Dog puppy + one 7yr old Maltese Shi Tzu cross = hilarity.

Sunday, 11 July 2010


In the past couple of months two of my close friends have miscarried their babies. They have each had a baby die before it had the chance to be born. Five and a half years ago I too miscarried a baby when I was almost 9 weeks pregnant. I wanted to write about miscarriage as it's been on my mind of late and I feel as women we need to talk about it more than we do now.

There are so many terms associated with miscarriage. You've lost a baby, your baby was born sleeping, it was a non-viable pregnancy. So many ways to describe the death of a baby not yet born, not yet held in its parent's arms. When I miscarried my baby I didn't like all those wishy-washy ways of addressing the issue. I wanted people to validate the fact that my baby had died. Full stop. Clear as day. I had a baby one day. The next day it died. There's a whole different discussion there about when a pregnancy is considered a baby but we'll save that one for another day, shall we?

As a woman you might get stuck with what to say when faced with a woman who has miscarried. From my experience and from talking to others who have shared this awful experience, some women who have miscarried a baby want that baby to be recognised and validated. It was a potential person. A baby. Not a bundle of cells that didn't make it. Not something that wasn't meant to happen. Not a thing that you can easily forget and move on to trying to get pregnant again.

From my experience, I found that I needed to talk about my baby that had died. I needed to talk, to validate, to reassure myself that there had indeed been a pregnancy and a potential person in my life. I sought comfort and relief in a group called SANDS (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Support). I went to their meetings and talked about my miscarriage. I listened to other women and men who had suffered the death of a baby in their family. Although I would never wish the experience on another person, it was comforting to know I wasn't alone.

What can you do for a friend who has miscarried a baby? Call them. Don't avoid them. Meet them for coffee. Meet them for a glass of wine. Send them flowers. Write them a letter. Babysit their other kids, if they have them, for the afternoon. Give them a voucher for a massage. Hold their hand. Show them how you feel. Tell them you don't know what to say if you truly don't, which is yards better than saying nothing at all.

And remember to ask them how they are feeling not just in the first week or two after the death of their baby. Ask them a month on. Or two. Bring it up when appropriate. Because as a mother, your baby doesn't fade in importance with weeks or months. Your babies are always important to you.

And if you ever have the unfortunate experience of having a miscarriage, please don't go through it alone. Seek someone out who will listen. Someone who will validate your feelings and acknowledge how you feel about it. Take care of yourself and don't blame yourself. Let yourself be cared for by others and nurture yourself for a while. Do it for your baby but ultimately do it for you.

My baby Twinkle died some years ago now. But I use that experience now to help me help other women who have had a baby die. I am not afraid to talk about it. And that helps me and it helps others.

Please understand that I don't consider myself an expert on this topic. These are my personal views and not expert opinion.

Snow White!

My daughter had a Princesses and Pirates themed birthday party to attend this weekend, so being the uber mummy that I am, I quickly whipped up a Snow White costume for the poppet to wear. The pattern I used is McCall's Costumes MP343. I did toy with the idea of making it in satin but wanted to be sane and not yelling at the fabric by the end of it, so went with cotton. And of course even Snow White has to be sensible in the middle of winter so she's got a long sleeved top on underneath! The cape is attached by press studs so that even Snow White can ride in the car seat with ease. It's a little on the large side so it will get lots of love and use for quite some time.


Saturday, 3 July 2010

Crazy Dog Lady of our neighbourhood

I love dogs.

Most dogs I meet I greet with smiles and pats if appropriate. Sometimes full on, can't hold it back excitement and adoration. I go out of my way to see dogs, talk about dogs, read about dogs, go to dog shows just to watch.

And that's cool. In my world it is. I don't know many other crazy dog ladies apart from one woman who is both our dog trainer and local vet nurse. She rocks. She understands my enthusiasm for canines.

As does Kelly, who lives in my neighbourhood. She also owns a Pyrenean Mountain Dog called Beau. Beau is big (think 60 - 70kg), beautiful and slobbery. He is the reason that I chose the breed for my next dog Banjo.

Poppet and Banjo at 2 months old

Poppet and Banjo at 5 months old
(small side note: nice thrifted authentic kilt $2 and thrifted jacket 50c!!)

So now that you understand that I have given myself the title Crazy Dog Lady you may appreciate that I am always on the ready to help any runaway dogs that are wandering the streets in my area. Just as we left the house on Thursday on our way to kindy, I spotted two black dogs running helter skelter past our house, no owner in sight. I screeched to a halt and jumped out to be enthusiastically greeted by the smaller of the pair. Thankfully he had on a name tag with his owners' mobile number on the back. The other dog came running back for her brother and I herded them into my front yard to keep them contained.

After a phone call, a confused then worried then grateful owner agreed to come and pick them up from my yard. My daughter and I continued on our way to kindy with my heart full of happiness and gratitude that those puppies had run by my particular house so I could help them get back home. I had done my good deed for the day. Those dogs were safe, together and on their way back home.

When I returned home, I was greeted at my door with a very appreciative owner with this stunning vase of tulips as her way of saying thank you for saving her dogs. Shucks. I don't rescue runaway pups for any reason other than I know the heartbreak of having your dog run away. But these spoils are so nice!!


Thursday, 1 July 2010

Blimey it's cold!

With such beautifully sunny days and clear nights, the weather is decidedly chilly of late here in little old Adelaide. I had a request for a new beanie in pink from my poppet so off to Ravelry I headed and found this pattern. It's the Granny Skull Cap and a very easy and quick pattern to whip up. I added an additional row to the length and in hindsight perhaps could have added another one. With some on and off again hooking, I made this up in two days in Moda Vera Harmony which I found at Spotlight for $2 a ball! This hat only took one ball of yarn to make. To finish it off I added a crochet flower in cotton using this pattern and a vintage button. My poppet loves it and I love it as it was so easy and cheap!