Friday, 27 February 2009

Off to market

Tomorrow I'm off to market again to share a stall with my Red Ted pal Kate. This time we are off to Fullarton Plant and Craft Market, on the corner of Fullarton Rd & Fisher St, Fullarton, SA. Kate and I shared a stall last year at the fabulous Prospect Food and Wine Affair. It was so nice to meet customers in person and I'm looking forward to meeting some new customers tomorrow.

And continuing the red theme, I've been busy sewing again and have come up with a few new items for the Silly Gilly store. One of them is a sunhat called Rosy Retro. It's a lovely deep-brimmed hat which is quite adjustable using the ties at the back. Made from fab retro styled cotton. Perfect for any 2 - 4 year old.

Off now to take more photos of new aprons and bags I've been creating! Have a fab Friday everyone!!

Friday, 20 February 2009

More goodies to drool over

The postie was saved from eye-boggling views this time, as these new donations for the Bushfire Appeal were left on my door step.

Firstly, we have a groovy Owlie brooch from the talented Liz of Lino Forest. He is made entirely from vintage lino and old buttons. I'm a Betty Jo brooch owner and constantly get complimented on it so that's a personal recommendation!

Secondly, there is another fabulous bag from Cass of Snailblazer. This bag is a little larger than the others she has donated. It would make, to quote Cass, a fantastic nappy or uni bag with three large internal pockets, magnetic closure and a long strap.

Coming next is three sweet little girls that Kathryn of Our Shabby Cottage calls Bag of Mischief - Katya. Aren't they just so sweet!? The matryoshka dolls come with their own coordinating draw string bag, perfect to tote them around or use as gift packaging.

And last, but not least, is this magnificent quilt generously donated by Emma of Ballarat Patchwork. This quilt has been designed and machine pieced by Emma and machine quilted by Elizabeth Zabinski of The Quiltworks in Ballarat. Isn't it just amazing??!!

I've had contact from people all over the world, not just here in Australia but from the UK, the USA and Norway, wanting to donate items for the auction. The generosity of crafters truly warms the little cockles of my heart.

I'm really looking forward to March 6th when I can list all these gorgeous items on Ebay and have them bid upon by you all!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

You generous souls, you!!!

I've been feeling like my letterbox has forgotten it's not Xmas at the moment. All these wonderful parcels have been arriving, full of love and help for the Victorian Bushfire victims.

Also, the poor postie has had a few eye-boggling scares as I answer the door to receive the parcels sometimes.... me in my pj's, once in only a towel...... Shme, I've given birth. I have no shame!!

Here are more photos for you to drool over and start saving your dollars to buy!

First up we have a gorgeous t-shirt appliqued by the crafty Kate of Red Ted. Don't you just love the orange and pink together!? Don't often see that fab colour combo together.

Next, my very talented mother-in-law no-blog-Robyn has donated this sweet handmade bag that she has sewn and embroidered. It's the perfect size for a embroidery project on the go or a quick dash out for a coffee.

Third, we have three amazing kids totes handmade by Cass of Snailblazer fame. These S-Cargos are kid size totes, designed to be worn across the body of a child or slung over the shoulder of an adult. And she's used some of my favourite fabrics!

Last, but absolutely not least, I received the other day this heavy little parcel. Wondering what it might be, I opened it up to find these amazing creations. No-blog-Norma has donated these Kokeshi dolls for the auction. They are handmade by her husband Bob, crafted from Camphor Laurel wood. The smell of these cuties is just divine!!

So as you can see, there are some uber talented people out there who are also generous souls, kind enough to forward their wares to auction for such a worthy cause. The 2009 Victorian Bushfires are still burning. The aftermath is still only in its infancy. Just because the media has gone onto other topics doesn't mean the pain has eased. It's only just beginning for these poor victims.

Don't think it's too late to donate, you crafty people out there. If you feel like donating something, just drop me a line and I'll forward you the details.

And get your dollars ready for Friday 6th March, when the auction starts!!

Monday, 16 February 2009

My secret food shame...

I'm joining in on a little Eye Spy game this week after seeing it over on Jhoanna's blog.
Just Needs Salt suggested this week's theme.

I am an absolute mad woman for the four items above.
1 - Cadbury Caramel Eggs. They come out quite a while before Easter. I am very grateful for that.
2 - Caramello Koalas. For some reason I can't eat one by itself. I have to eat two. Two large ones.
3 - Haighs Chocolate. Sensing a theme here? Particularly the peppermint frogs, the caramel bars and the milk chocolate.
4 - Raw Cookie Dough. Can't get enough of it. My biscuit batches would be quite a bit larger if it wasn't for me eating half the dough.

Friday, 13 February 2009

All anger aside....

I've been feeling pretty angry and peeved and annoyed at the people who got off on starting some of the fires in Victoria.

But sweet, kind, considerate, generous, beautiful parcels arrived in my letterbox today which calmed me down somewhat and re-centered me back to the task at hand. That is, making money for the Victorian Bushfire victims.

Lookie here at what was in those parcels...


A fabulous apron handcrafted by Curlypops.

Looks-so-good-I-might-eat-it hand knitted food crafted by Lark.


These will be added to the group auction which will begin on Ebay on the evening of Friday 6th March. Stay tuned for more goodies that I will show you as they arrive!!

Getting round that #@*$@$# red tape!!

Cindy has posted on Handmade Help that there is a way to keep going with the auctions on Ebay and I knew we would find a solution.

So onwards and upwards people!! Keep those donations coming in. Please.

all photos courtesy of

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Red tape!!! ##%%@@!!$##

Well the very kindly Julianne of Unique Scrapbooking alerted me to the fact that you can't sell items on Ebay when the funds are going to charity without that charity's written approval. Dang!

I have contacted the Red Cross to organise a fund raising approval letter but I understand they are busy. If it too tricky to obtain such a letter, we'll flip the auctions over to Etsy.

I've had lots of replies from gals wanting to send something along for the cause. Just waiting for the postie to knock on my door now!

I'm so amazed how quickly the Handmade Help button is spreading across the blogisphere. It's amazing and yet not such a surprise as I've come to learn that bloggy, crafty gals are in the whole, a very generous caring bunch.

So keep the donations coming. Nothing will stop us in getting some money to those souls who desperately need it. Get those needles clicking, sewing machines humming, and overlockers whirring!

And have a look here at the Handmade Help blog for up-to-date info on how you can help.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

We are all banding together

Cindy has started a new blog called Handmade Help. She will be listing there all the auctions and sales of items from which the proceeds will go toward assisting victims of the Victorian Bushfires. So I've been busy and have pulled together a little blog button that you can put on your sidebar which when clicked will take you to the Handmade Help blog.


If you want the HTML for the button, just copy and paste the text in the box below.

Feel free to add this button your blog or sidebar so that everyone can keep up to date on what's to offer.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Raising funds for Victoria's Bushfire Victims

My heart has been lifted somewhat when I read others' blog posts about the different methods through which we can donate very much needed cash to be distributed to those in desperate need after the weekends devastating bushfires. Bloggy peeps are just so generous and always ready to help when it's needed.

I have decided to auction on ebay one of my large Steiner dolls and donate 100% of the funds raised from the auction to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfires 2009 Appeal. Here he is in all his cuteness, just waiting to be taken into a loving home.

I will be setting up the auction tonight on Ebay and will come back here and edit the post with a link to the auction. Edited to add, I am coordinating a group of Ebay auctions for the cause and will list my little buddy with the others on Ebay on Friday 6th March.

I hope that some of you might want this little lad in your home and therefore bid away, with the knowlege that 100% of the funds will go straight to Red Cross.

And if any of you out there have the inclination to do the same I am more than happy to coordinate a group of Ebay auctions - all you would need to do would be to post the toy to me. We could do something like Softies for Mirabel! Contact me and I can send you more inforamation if you would like it.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

It's the little things that matter

Not much craftiness going on in the Silly Gilly household today. Too. dang. stinking. hot.
Cool change due tonight thank goodness!

For some reason I thought I would post about some little things that I do in our everyday lives or with my work with Silly Gilly that helps us tread just a little lighter on Mother Earth.
  • Buy the majority of my daughters clothes at the op shop or garage sales
  • Use scrap photocopy paper destined for the bin from Mr Silly Gilly's office to print Silly Gilly paperwork on
  • Use my rinse water from one kitchen sink bowl to rinse out the suds in the other
  • Donate clothing and toys to the op shop on a regular basis
  • Use my daughter's kindy art work as wrapping paper for gifts
  • Use only 2/3 of the required washing liquid on the clothes and it works just fine!
  • Habitually turn off lights whenever I leave the room
  • Either don't use plastic bags for my fruit and vegies when buying them or else reuse them for the next shopping trip
I'm sure there are other things... I'd love to hear of other little day to day things that you do that are unique to you or not many people have heard of. I'm always on the lookout for things to do which help us have less of an impact on the earth.

To finish the post here's a beautiful picture that helps just a teeny tiny bit to cool me down....
It's by jtravism

Monday, 2 February 2009

New Lollipop Forest Bag

I've been busy in my literal sweatshop lately whipping up some art smocks for children going back to school. But sweatshop no more... I bought a pedestal fan and am now wondering why I waited so long!!

Now that my custom orders are finished I can start some other items for the store that I've been dying to show you. Here's a bag called Lollipop Forest that's new in store. I just love this fabric and it's come all the way from Japan - my brother who lives there very kindly sent it to me.

I have this print in brown too... perhaps another bag or an art smock might be in order. More bloomers in larger sizes for girls coming soon too!