Tuesday, 14 October 2008

My architecturally designed hat display

I had been wanting a new way to display my hats for when I attend the Future Family Fun Days each month. I mentioned this to my husband and being the architect that he is, he dwelt upon it for a few days, getting ideas straight in his head.

And this is the magnificent creation is the result!! A round wooden base supporting seven hats at different levels, so that each is not disrupting the view of another. And it was extremely thrifty too. We found the dowel used for the uprights at a garage sale for $1 and the round wooden base is the top of a table we no longer needed. Some screws from the toolbox and voila!! A little bit of paint tomorrow and I'm impressed. Hi Mr Silly Gilly if you're reading (which I know he will as he requested I blog about his workmanship)!!

Never mind the hastily placed fleece hat on top or the creatively messy desk behind. I was just in a hurry to take a photo whilst there was a smidge of light left in the room. :)

See that little hand on the left? That's my new little boy Steiner Doll almost finished and ready to go to the Future Families Fun Day this Friday, at Goodwood Community Centre. He's a custom order and looking as cute as a button. It's hard to part with these little people once I've created them! I'll post a pic of him perhaps tomorrow once he's finished.


Super Monkey said...

Looks great. Well done Mr Silly Gilly.


Krazy Miss Kylie said...

go timbo what a cool design and a great way to see all the beautiful hats at once! :)

trashalou said...

That clever Mr Gilly. Be sure to tell him he has impressed blogland greatly ;-)

Kitty said...

That's a fabtastic hat stand - Mr Gilly should patent it! x

Mr SillyGilly said...

More credit points. :)

handmaiden said...

Congrats to Mr SG.great stuff