Wednesday, 25 August 2010

It's snowing in Adelaide

6 month old Pyrenean puppy + dog bed = not seen before meteorological occurrences...


Friday, 20 August 2010

One's nice... five's a collection

It started off with the donkey. He was sitting, very lonely, on a garage sale table. A long-ago loved little decoration up for sale. I just had to take him home and keep him company.

Then I got busy. Life simply got in the way. I couldn't spend hours each day any more, talking to him and keeping his mind occupied with discussions of mining taxes and bird-eating snakes.

So I kept a look out for a friend for him. Just to keep him happy and banish the already surfacing feelings of abandonment. Alas, the op shop and garage sale circuit came up empty till one fine morning when amidst elbowing grannys and whining children I spotted mr zebra hidden, cowering, next to a towering stack of crockery. The garage sale had come up trumps again.

Back in the studio the new acquistion settled in just fine. But soon there were mutterings to be heard. Donkey and the zebra kept piping up that they were sick of the names that were beginning to be bantered around. Ass... equus... so off to Etsy I went to try to bring some semblance of civility back into the studio.

Within a week the donkey and the zebra had new friends join the fray. Brown dog resembling a Scotty Dog with a massive head and Bambi's startled distant cousin George. They joined the duo but with wary eyes and with their backs turned. It was starting to look like nothing could break up the quarreling...

But of course, when you aren't searching for something it comes and slaps you upside the head. In a jaunt to a local op shop this week, who should be poking their perky little bouquet up from underneath the counter but vintage Fisher Price Easter Bunny! Hastily and recklessly I purchased the festive cottontail and brought him home to break up the ruckus. Who knew if he would have success as he technically wasn't one of them. He was plastic and wood; he was a toy. He was pretty but boy o boy was he effective. Any and all dregs of any backtalk is long gone from the studio and all four vintage planters and one super-ace Fisher Price pull along toy now sit cheerfully in the sunshine on my windowsill.

One's nice. Five's now a collection and methinks more will be adorning the sills of the studio soon...

Vintage donkey planter

Vintage zebra planter

Vintage deer planter

Vintage dog planter

Vintage Fisher Price Bunny Pull Along

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Mud? What mud?

The two all white dogs thinking....
If we close our eyes, maybe no-one will see what we've been up to.....


Sunday, 15 August 2010

Getting back into crafty headspace

Here I find myself three weeks post-boob reduction and all is great. Very minimal pain and all healing well. I even dipped my proverbial toe in the water today and tried a D cup bra on and it fit!!!!! It was even in a delicious hot pink colour!!!! Methinks a whole new world of bras in all the colours of the rainbow awaits.

On the crafty front I've signed myself up for Round The Block 2 and am busy preparing to start. I've chosen a quilt block and 11 other lucky ladies are going to sew my blocks for me and I will return the favour for their blocks. A very convivial arrangement indeed. Here's some test runs of the blocks I have chosen. Please ignore odd colour choices. It was late and I was tired! I'm going to try another version of this block tonight but with two circles, one inside the other. Should be great!