Wednesday, 1 October 2008

The Stash Part 2 or otherwise entitled I Don't Like Cats

Here are three of my absolute favourites from my current stash.

They are pieces that I paid more for than I normally would for fabric.
They are pieces that I feel such hesitation and trepidation when merely thinking about cutting them, that it borderlines on the ridiculous.

First up, and with an explanation for this posts' title, is a print called Kitty Kids by Michael Miller. Unfortunately this fabric is now out of print so I feel lucky to have some.
I personally don't like cats (no offense, but it's a long story you'd only hear if you asked me in person) but I find this print so utterly sweet. It's the girls' expressions and the retro styling I think.


Next we have another Michael Miller out of print fabric title Spring Showers. So retro, so happy, so girly....

And lucky last, here is Blossom Belles by Michael Miller (anyone seeing a trend here???), another out of print fabric that I have used for a smock for the Silly Gilly store very hesitantly. But boy, did that smock rock!!



Super Monkey said...

Very nice! I can completely understand why you can't bear to cut them.

(I'm not a cat person either)

Cass said...

Great fabrics, I'm a bit partial to Michael Miller myself

Hoppo Bumpo said...

They are the sweetest fabrics. (I think I have stash envy!) I would have a lot of trouble cutting into those.

Anonymous said...

All three are gorgeous! I am particularly partial to the Blossom Belles.

CurlyPops said...

I completely understand why you wouldn't want to chop them pretty!

cindy said...

Wow I love this girlie collection. Now I feel like I need to buy more fabric!

Bird Bath said...

very pretty, the girls with kitties is my fave. They all have a charming retro vibe.

Stine said...

What do you mean "retro" those are right out of my childhood. Too too cute!! Those little girls were also on greeting cards for birthdays etc. Those would make very cute pillow cases and they would make you happy every time you went to bed.

Thanks for the comment over at my blog!

Louise said...

Ooooh I so wish I had those gorgeously sweet fabrics. If I did they would be my absolute faves!!