Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Kellie is amazing!!

Kellie of Don't Look Now! fame has just released a new range of cushion designs and they are mind-blowingly amazing! I have pre-ordered myself a copy of the new pattern and am mentioning it here so that I have a chance to win one of Kellie's other gorgeous patterns. And I'm proud to say that I have met Kellie in real life and she is a lovely, modest, beautiful person. Such a package. :)

Have a look at her giveaway here. But please don't win it because I'd love to!!

On a completely unrelated topic, I realised today that I hadn't taken many photos of my daughter in the last couple of months, with a hectic life getting in the way. So I pulled out the camera this afternoon when the sunlight was in the kitchen in that late day, autumn sunshiney way that I adore.


Monday, 30 March 2009

Bits and Bobs

Oops, almost a week went by there.. Unintentional break but back nonetheless.
Here's a shot of smocks waiting to be made up, hopefully this afternoon with the house to myself whilst Squidlet is off to kindy.

I also whipped up one of Jodie's fabric sewing buckets to hold my bits and bobs of the sewing variety - un-picker, applique shape templates, random sewing paraphernalia. I think I just may whip up another one to replace the daggy little cardboard box which sits on my desk that I currently use for rubbish. These buckets are so quick and easy to use. I used super hard-core iron-on interfacing in mine and I really like the outcome. They stand up nice and straight.

And more art smocks in size 3, 4 and 5 are being popped in the Silly Gilly store this afternoon!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The donation has been made

Our donation has been made to the Red Cross and I have provided you with a copy of the official Red Cross receipt. So no trip to the Bahamas or my favourite quilting shops alas. All of your generous and hard earned money goes straight to help those in need. You are all good souls.

(For the life of me I can work out why in photoshop the red cross logo is in red but when I save it here to blogger it's blue.... but trust me!! It's ridgy didge!!)

Speaking of lovely souls, Norma, she of no blog address, sent me a little thankyou parcel last week. My very own Kokeshi doll! I've named her Phoenix in memory of those who have lost everything in the Victorian Bushfires. She's made of camphour wood and smells beautiful! Thankyou so very much Norma, you really made my day. Phoenix sits on my studio window ledge and looks very much at home.

I'm off now on a delicious spree of purchasing ribbon and tape and apron hangers and bias tape and zips. I have a rather large order of wet bags to get stuck into making so I'd better get a move on!

Monday, 23 March 2009

Brooches and Ribbons and Girly Things

I promised photos of the felt brooches and Dancing Rainbow Ribbons that I created for the market last weekend. Here's a pic of the remaining felt brooch, made from hand dyed 100% wool felt. I made others in brighter pink and a purple version too. Lots more of these to come at a very reasonable price too! Perfect size for kids or adults. Great to wear on a top or hat or bag.

And the Dancing Rainbow Ribbons were by far the hardest thing I've ever had to photograph for Silly Gilly. I tried hanging them in all sorts of locations but decided having them in motion with a expert dancer was the best bet!

The ribbons are wonderful things for children of all ages to dance and twirl with. Made from rainbow coloured polyester ribbon, these are hard wearing, washable toys suitable for all ages, babies and upward. The ends of each ribbon are heat sealed to ensure they do not fray. All ribbons are stitched onto an elastic band so that they fit all sized hands. Available in the Silly Gilly shop now!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Merry Market

Market day today at Goodwood in SA. A very happy, successful market day which is always welcome in the Silly Gilly camp. When I woke early it was thunder and lightening but the sunny weather prevailed and we met lots of lovely people. Here's a view of today's market stall. Kate and I are forever playing around with the layout of the stall and today was a bit of a winner.

I introduced two new products to the Silly Gilly repertoire today - Dancing Rainbow Ribbons and some very touchable felt brooches. I was pleasantly surprised when they nearly sold out but I will post pictures of both new items here tomorrow.

Also three new girls hats in store now. My apolgies for the small photos but the mosaic maker I use doesn't seem to want to give me a big sized version of the mosaics anymore... anyone have any hints?

I'm off to That's Not Garbage next week to hopefully find some supplies to create new display racks and stands for upcoming stalls.

I must also say thank you so very much to those of you who have left such encouraging comments after my last post and sneak peek. It really is inspiring and exciting to read your words. I have so many ideas just bubbling up out of seemingly nowhere now that I have said my intentions out loud, to myself and to the world! More samples of the little fella to come and some friends will be joining him too!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

I want

That sounds a little petulant and self indulgent, does it not? Let me explain.

I want to be more creative. I want to work at a more creative level than I currently am.

There. It's out. Not much of a statement you say? But how often do you say 'I want...' in relation to yourself and actually follow through with it? Not just a 'I want a coffee' or 'I want to sleep in'... 'I want' in relation to something really big and bold.

What if I actually ventured outside my comfort zone and tried something completely different?

Don't get me wrong. I love sewing. I love sewing stock for my Silly Gilly store. I love fabric. I really enjoy seeing other creative people thrive and grow and get that crafty buzz.

But what are you getting at Gillian? Well, I'm a big believer that if you don't say it, it'll never happen.

So I started my more creative phase last night. I drafted a softie pattern from a sketch that has been on my pin board for months. And here's a snippet of what he looks like.

Ok, so it's a first draft and there's work to be done. But he has a gusset, which I'm mighty proud of, and I've discovered a new love for working with linen. And my daughter was over the moon when I told her that he was all hers.

So I feel like I need to take myself to the next level. I am going to be more creative and take more risks (insert heady little giggle here). Watch this space.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Rockers and oppers

Well, the final total of funds raised has been reached. I am waiting on only one more payment and we are done! The grand total raised through the generous donations by the people listed below is


To the people below who donated items, you rock.
To the people who bought said items, you are rockers too!

Here are the wonderful souls who gave up the goods for the people affected by the Victorian Bushfires:
Jodie - Ric Rac
Liesl - Hoppo Bumpo
Cass - Snailblazer
Cam - CurlyPops
Selina - What Were We Thinking
Carly - no blog
Norma - no blog
Emma - Ballarat Patchwork
Allison - Lark
Robyn - no blog
Jenny - Daisy Chain
Kathryn - Our Shabby Cottage
Liz - Betty Jo Designs
Kate - Red Ted
Ros - Bloom
and Me!

Once all the funds have been transferred from paypal and the account to me, I will make the donation to Red Cross. I will post a picture of the receipt here, just to reassure you I'm not heading off to the Bahamas....

I've also been returning to a few of my favourite op shops and this week also found two new op shops I drive past all the time. Just didn't see them there! Here are some of the goodies that have made their way into my basket this week.

Gorgeous very old copy of the Secret Seven. I think I've exhausted metro Adelaide's stash of Golden Books. All the ones I find now are ones I already have... but now I'm onto collecting all of Enid Blyton's books for my daughter. And aren't those little finger puppets cute!? I think the pink one looks like the creature from Yo Gabba Gabba.

And here's a lovely 1965 book of Pinocchio I found - check out what the sign says on the picture in the left. I didn't know Pinocchio had it in him!

Today whilst my daughter was at kindy I was hideously decadent and made something for myself. I know, it's unbelievable. Usually I sew like the wind, making stock for the Silly Gilly store. I used a fantastic tutorial from kootoyoo on how to make a speedy pincushion from a square of fabric. The square of fabric I used was a Moda Home hankerchief of my daughters. And yes, I did wash it first. The sweet blue/red bird buttons were found at an antique shop on Sunday. Yes, I was a bit cuckoo to take an active 3 year old into an antique store. Think I'll wait a while before I do it again...

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Hectic Hodge Podge

Life in the Silly Gilly camp has been hectic this week. Lots of running around and out and about.

Here's views of Friday night's stall at the Fringe market. Kate of Red Ted and I shared a stall and it was such a wonderfully balmy night. Except for the flying ants!!

I whipped out a few new girls hats in time for the market and will post a pic of those later today. My desk is currently under siege from all the delicious donated items that have sold on ebay. I can't believe how much everything has sold for!! I'll announce the grand total after the last two delicious items have sold. Go bid on them now!!

My husband took me on a date last night which I enjoyed immensley as dates don't get to happen very often around here due to crazy work commitments. We bopped along to Ben Lee and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. One thing that for the life of me I don't understand is going to see live music and having to SIT DOWN. How on earth are you supposed to jig and jive and groove along whilst sitting on your tush!!?? I am completely perplexed and if anyone has a rational explanation I would greatly love to hear it.

(Oh and the $275 I won afterward at the Casino..... that was just an added bonus!!)

ETA (Spoken in authoritative, pompous voice) -- Silly Gilly in no way endorses gambling, excessive booty shaking or swatting of annoying bugs - please do these things at your own dire risk--

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Current total so far....

The current total of funds we've all raised so far through the Ebay auctions I have going is $685.18.
100% of that will be donated to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal once all monies are collected.

Can you believe it? I'm so impressed and cockles-of-my-heart warmed by the bidding bonanza. But I will be expecting some last minute bidding frenzies on all items. Pity I will be at the Fringe market selling my wares when half of the items finish! I love watching the bids go crazy in the last hours, minutes and seconds.

And to keep the hours ticking by at a rapid pace of knots here in the Silly Gilly emporium, I've been making a concerted effort to restock the boy's items in the store. I've sewn these bags and thought I'd give you a peek...

And probably the real reason I'm sewing like crazy is that I'm trying not to think about how so many Victorian crafty gals are at the Stitches and Craft Fair and I'm not there... boo hoo me.

Monday, 9 March 2009

New boy's hats in store!

I've been busying myself making as much stock as possible in the lead up to being at the free Fringe Family Frivolity market at Hahndorf next Friday 13th March. Red Ted and I will be holding another market stall there. Trying to provide a good range of boys and girls items. Here are a few boys hats I've whipped up. All available in the store now.

I've also been entering a few giveaways and in the desperate state I'm in, as I unfortunately don't win giveaways , I'm mentioning them here on the blog to give myself more chances to win!!

Check out Chocolate and Steel's giveaway of a custom designed ring.
badskirt's giveaway of vouchers for her divine online store.

The auctions are going off!!!! as a young person like myself might have said ten years ago. Lots of bids flying left, right and forwards. I'm so pleased and I really do hope to see last minute flurries of bids!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Okay, two more things and I think that's it!!

Here are the last two items that I have listed on Ebay!

Thankyou to Liesl and Cass for these two items. I do appreciate your generosity!

Phew. That's it for listing items for the next week. I can see some serious bidding has been going on. I'm proud of you all. And to quote a film I'm in love with right now...... You are great. You are awesome!!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

The remaining items are now up for auction!!

Thanks for your patience and your pennies everyone! I see that the bids are flying thick and fast over on Ebay for the items up for auction. In case you haven't heard we have a gazillion, well actually eighteen, items up for auction with 100% of the funds raised being donated to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

Here are the other auctions listed today:

Beautiful Steiner Boy Doll - Handmade Help - Gillian Ross (that would be me!) - Silly Gilly

Thanks again go out to these clever craftsgals and guy who dontated their gorgeous wares for this deserved cause. Your generosity is beautiful.

I have had a buyer on Ebay ask if combined postage is available. Sure thing!! You want to buy and bid lots? I'll help you to get the best bang for your buck!

Now, as I've said before...... GO and BID!!!

Friday, 6 March 2009

Auctions to raise funds for Victoria are now live!!

I've been working like the Little Red Caboose for most of today, listing all the wonderful goodies that so many kind and generous people have sent me. Alas, Ebay and my computer have now had a bit of a hissy and they aren't talking to each other so I will finish listing the remaining items tomorrow morning.

100% of the funds (apart from postage being charged at cost) from these auctions will be sent to the Red Cross 2009 Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

Here's what is on Ebay so far, listed in order of finishing time....
Click on the item name to go to the Ebay listing.

Thankyou to those of you who have very thoughtfully donated these items and paid for postage to get them to me. Thankyou to the couple of you from whom I have borrowed photos of your items from your blogs as my photos just weren't cooperating!

More items including quilts, dolls and more to be listed tomorrow. I'll be back here to let you know all about it!

Here's a link to all my listings on Ebay. Click HERE.
Just don't mind the clothes dryer... LOL.... selling that for a friend!

Now go and BID!!!!!!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

If I disappeared...

and never blogged again... and you never heard from me again....

Would you notice?

Would you even for a moment consider that the reason I disappeared was because I had run away, giggling with gay abandon, clutching all the delicious goodies that have arrived over the last few weeks that I am supposed to auction for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal?

All I can say is that the last minute goodies that arrived on my doorstep this morning were FABULOUS!!!!! Dolls, softies, bags, and more......

But I'm a goodie two shoes when it comes to good causes so I might be persuaded to sell all of this divine craftwork.... just perhaps....
Watch this space tomorrow evening. I'll list links to all the auctions.

Maybe. :)

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A smile for your day

I found this short film on youtube this morning and it has totally made my day.
Take a short while and watch it. I can guarantee it will make you smile too. :)

Have a fantastic week!!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

A bit of this and that

The Silly Gilly emporium has been busy this week. I thought I might do a post combining all the activity into one.

New stock has now been uploaded to the Silly Gilly store. I've popped a few photos of the new items below.

I'm also a sponsor for the Great Down Under Nappy Hunt for the third year in a row. Being a sponsor means I donate a prize for the hunt and I have created a little mini-hunt on my Silly Gilly site. Anyone can go through the sponsor websites doing lots of mini-hunts and searching for clues to find the Nappy Hunt icon. Once you find enough icons you are in the running for lots of delicious prizes, including toys, cloth nappies, kids sunglasses, nappy covers, kids trikes... all sorts of wonderful things for children and parents. Have a look at how you can be in the running for all the prizes here. And here is a pic of the item I have donated for the Hunt - a Steiner inspired baby toy.

The auctions I am organising with all the fantastic donations with 100% of the profit going to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal is coming up this Friday 7th March. I will be posting all the links and photos here on the blog. If you are thinking of donating an item to auction, there is still time!! Contact me and I can fill you in on the details.

The market yesterday was quiet but the morning out in the beautiful sunshine made it all worth while. It also led to a couple of leads about other markets so that is a bonus!

Have a lovely Sunday everyone and keep saving your pennies to bid on all the gorgeous things that will be available Friday!!