Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Some days you work, others you rest

I've worked myself into a lather lately, trying to get lots of projects finished. Finished according to schedules set by me of course. Being self employed and running a work from home business I'm the boss and I set my own schedules. But I'm a hard task master. Dang!

So officially at 9.25pm tonight I am now signing off for the night. This is a complete rarity. Quite unheard of. I usually work till the wee hours.

How fascinating you say. Not! LOL But I bet a lot of you crafty gals know what I'm talking about, working whilst everyone else is asleep, going to bed still thinking about all you need to do and who you need to contact, listening to late night radio, drinking overly caffeinated soft drinks to keep going .... Why the rambling of this post? Because I forgot to take a photo in the daylight of my latest finished Steiner boy!!!! And because life is short. You can work and work but if you're buggered when you get to the end, what's the point?

How terribly philosophical of me. I think I'll sign off now. Or it will turn into one of my big 'what is it all about discussions' and that could take all night......

And continuing the completely non-crafty vein this post is taking, here's a pic of a little gal I know quite some time ago, looking through the half constructed doggy door. Gee they grow up so fast.... sigh

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Drewzel said...

Yep, you have to take some time out to rest...but I'm guilty of staying up too late doing stuff too!

I've made it 'Blogtoberfest Fave Friday' play along if you like...check out my post. xx