Friday, 30 May 2008


Sometimes I peek round the corner to be privvy to what my daughter is doing by herself. This time she was talking quietly to herself whilst painting with water colours. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures quietly....

And lol......yes.... that is a Silly Gilly art smock she has on......

Monday, 26 May 2008

A good pinny always helps!

I've a thang for the whole kit and kaboodle it took to be a fifties and sixties housewife. I think I would have enjoyed it a lot. So of course, if one is to be a great housewife now, or housewife in training, one needs a great apron! My daughter has one I made for her and I felt very inspired to make more. Have a look at the one I've made for my store....

It's available here.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

My Grand Entrance!

Welcome one and all to the first post of Silly Gilly. Within and beyond you will find musings and chatterings about things that take my fancy, make my soul sing, and give my brain cells a good run for their money. Mostly it will be about vintage things, op shop finds and fabric!!

I thought I might start my blog off with a couple of recent finds at my local, and not so local, op shops.

I have a serious Little Golden Book addiction, mainly due to the grown up Silly Gilly making up for the childhood loss of her own LGB collection. Pictured also is a cracker of a gorgeous Tala Icing Set and a sweet Caltex Travel Fun Book.

I fall in love with most things 50's and 60's, especially those either children oriented or housewife oriented. And yes I have a growing apron collection too.... Here's a photo of my latest zip and press stud collection. It's great to be able to get retro styled packaging on these babies, and they are still great to use 50+ years on!!