Thursday, 31 July 2008

On My Desk...

I've noticed blog land, well, the blogs I visit regularly anyway, are a little quiet lately and I've been the same!

But I'm back and ready to go by joining in a meme of On My Desk! I've decided to join the kootoyou on my desk play along.

On my desk yesterday was:

An armless boy Steiner doll in the making
A package of selvedges for you know who
A new library bag for the shop
Some smocks for a couple of very cute boys I know
And some delicious Japanese mushroom fabric.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

One Word meme

I read this at CurlyPops blog tonight so thought I would join in as I too love a good list!

1. Where is your cell phone? flushed
2. Your significant other? my studio
3. Your hair? blonde
4. Your daughter? amazing
5. Your son? non-existent
6. Your favorite thing? being
7. Your dream last night? nothing
8. Your favorite drink? pepsimax
9. Your goal? peace
10. The room you’re in? studio
11. Your church? life
12. Your fear? death
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? here
14. Where were you last night? studio (sense a pattern here?)
15. What you’re not? short
16. Muffins? big
17. One of your wish list items? knowledge
18. Where you grew up? Victoria
19. The last thing you did? pepsimax
20. What are you wearing? Uggboots
21. Your TV? Lounge
22. Your pets? beautiful
23. Your computer? fantastic
24. Your life? steady
25. Your mood? calm
26. Missing someone? dinner
27. Your car? rav
28. Something you’re not wearing? beanie
29. Favorite store? HHH
30. Your summer? hot
31. Like(love) someone? family
32. Your favorite color? Pink
33. Last time you laughed? today
34. Last time you cried? tuesday
35. Who will repost this? anyone??

Monday, 21 July 2008

Warning - Graphic doll photos in this post!!

I had a great time at the Future Families Fun Day last Friday. I had some friends come to visit me which was a nice supporting gesture. Unfortunately I didn't get to take my daughter as she would have had a blast!

But I did take my Steiner doll along for a ride as I thought there may be some interest from people who attended. Here's a photo of my gorgeous friend I made earlier in the year.

And the response was very encouraging, so I've started on another doll. He's a bit all over the place at the moment, I'm telling him he should pull himself together....

The new doll is to be a boy with some scrumptious brown woollen hair bought at the Spinners and Weavers Guild show. He didn't want to be just a head on a table, so he asked his friend to join in....

And lastly, any ideas, anything at all crafty gals, on how to giveaway this set of Golden Hands I've mentioned earlier????

Wednesday, 16 July 2008


These little treasures are destined for a trip to my stall on Friday. They are so fun to make - I've made them from pure wool felt hand dyed by a lovely gal named Heidi who lives in the Adelaide Hills. I've stuffed the gnomes with wool fleece and blanket stitched them together with cotton thread. I think I can almost hear them giggling amongst themselves....

I've also been busy been busy sewing up some Steiner baby toys. These little cuties are made from cotton fabric, wool fleece and cotton thread too. Perfect for little ones to snuggle for sleepy time or for toddlers whose pesky troublesome teeth are bugging them. Some of them even have little bells in their hats!I'm taking my 2.5yr old daughter along for the ride on Friday. I'm hoping she'll be entranced by all the things going on and be the perfect model for my Silly Gilly hats! Check list for Friday - Silly Gilly stock, snacks for daughter, more snacks, sticker books, more snacks....

Monday, 14 July 2008

You're all on the edge of your seats of course!!

I had a fantabulous weekend with my little three person family, $1 book sales and garage sales where my daughter found her first etchasketch. She's completely in love with her new toy and I'm pretty stoked we got it for $1. And I found perhaps the mother lode for someone who loves Golden Hands...... get your eyes feasting on this lot!

If you haven't heard of Golden Hands before, they were a set of craft books put out in the 70's containing all sorts of projects using knitting, macrame, crochet, dressmaking, lace work, the list goes on! Can you believe I got this whole set in perfect condition for $2?????? Now, I'm tossing up whether to give this away on the blog but my dilemma is how to post it as it would make for a very heavy parcel, all 18 hard cover volumes.... Any ideas out there from you 70's craft lovers?

I'm also busy getting organised for my first real life stall to sell Silly Gilly wares. I'm holding it this Friday 18th July at the Future Families Fun Day. We all get together at the Goodwood Community Centre, Rosa Street, Goodwood in South Australia, from 10am - 2pm. There are presentations by local health and parenting experts, children's activities, discussion circles, healthy food and networking. And me! I'm looking forward to seeing peoples reactions, in good old fashioned real life, to my smocks and toys and other little pieces.

Here's a little sneak peek at something I am currently working on for my store and my business. I've had a lovely gal by the name of Maree design a new logo for Silly Gilly. Now I'm in the middle of the brain numbing, cross eyed process of designing a new look and template for the website. I love HTML, not!!And last but not least...... thanks going to the random number generator.........

drum roll please......................

the winner is Leni and Rose!!!! Congrats to you. Please contact me with your postal address and I'll pop your goodies in the mail asap. Thanks to everyone with their lovely stories. I really enjoyed reading them.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

A Vintage Sewing Giveaway!!

Well, dear readers, it's been a while since I gave something away. One of the best things I've discovered in creating this blog is that I now have an easy way to share my love of vintage-y sewing with others who love it just as much!

Today I have another couple of little treasures to give away to one lucky reader. First of all we have a rather well loved copy of Enid Gilchrist's Six To Nine Years - Boy and Girl Clothes. Enid is a well loved Australian author who created many titles of books where mother's could make their children economical and stylish clothes at home. This issue covers items such as Swim Shorts, Princess Dress, One-Piece Peasant Blouse, and Raglan Style Pajamas. All pages intact, except for a corner of the front cover and the back cover is missing.

Also included in this giveaway is a crazily sweet Vogue Pattern #2821 One Piece Dress for size 6 months. Made in 1958, this pattern is divine and even the cover illustration is gorgeous.

If you would like to own these two vintage sewing exquisites, then tell me your favourite 'vintage' sewing moment. It might be when you found your most favourite dress pattern at the op shop. It might be when your grandma taught you how to cross stitch. You get the idea... go for it! Please leave your comment before Sunday 13th August, 9pm AEST.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Learn To Sew Lace Up Cards

When I first saw these Learn to Sew Lace Up Cards I was instantly taken back to when I was six or so, learning to sew with my little plastic needle and wool. The cards I used back then were not too dissimilar to these that I have available now in the Silly Gilly store.

I've just added to the store four of these beautiful little sets, each filled with six lace up cards, two plastic blunt needles and yarn. Made by Moda, they have such gorgeous vintage style and would be a great gift for any little girl or boy.

Thanks must go to my daughter who gave me a lovely example of how to use her set of cards as seen above.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

The greatest thing I've heard about for ages...

Life should be about happiness. Sometimes it's not. But when there are people around like Bianca there are so many more little opportunities for happiness to blossom in a little child's or big child's heart.

Bianca runs The Toy Society where she makes soft toys and drops them at various places around Melbourne, Sydney, and the ACT. There are even upcoming drops in Rotterdam, Madrid, London, and New York!! Bianca leaves the softies for someone to find, take home and love. The softies even have a little note with them to let them know who has made them and how they can leave a comment on Bianca's blog to advise where they now live.

It's ideas and people like these that make me smile and make life just that more rich.

Photo courtesy of Bianca, The Toy Society

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Fleece Fashionistas

And next, Ladies and Gentlemen, on the catwalk we have.....

Mr E looking resplendent in purple and red. Don't you just love the way he works the camera?
And following him is....
Miss E, focusing intently on the Hills Hoist, as all good housewives-in-training should.

Here we have Mr T and Miss E,
...looking intently through the rest of the Silly Gilly collection... Miss E - "Is that what I think it is, Mr T?" Mr T - "Why yes Miss E, it's a one of a kind Silly Gilly original and I saw it first!".

And last, but not least, the paparazzi shot of the other Mr T making a run for it before the press see him.
The fine print - No animals or small children were hurt during this shoot and all items are available for your viewing pleasure at Silly Gilly.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Fabulous things in small and rectangular packages

My, oh my, do I love the postie!

He brought all sorts of crafty goodness to my letterbox yesterday and yes siree, I did squeal with excitement!!

Firstly, a very kind, thoughtful and boy, oh boy, stupendously fabulous parcel from Ric Rac. Here's the before pic... (please notice the left hand corner of the postcard missing.... that's from me ripping my parcel opening in rash gluttony)....

And here's the delicious after. A divine little birdie in a cage! I got one!! (forgive the ridiculous gloating moment)....

My birdie is yet to be named. But she is hanging in my studio right near my machine. I almost heard her tweeting today. Please notice the french knot eye and embroidered beak! How sweet! Thanks so much Miss Ric Rac.

And if that wasn't enough excitement in one day for a housewife like me, then there was also this little number from gorgeous Betty Jo...

Obviously someone is reading this blog to know that I collect LGB and psychically knew that I didn't have this one! And a fabulous 80's Miss Piggy swap card for my other collection. Ah the joys... Thanks Betty Jo!!

Warning..... mushy moment coming up next..... but don't you just feel a happy glow inside when you can reach out to people you've never met, share some crafty goodness, and maybe make someone smile? I know I do....