Monday, 20 October 2008

Sweet, sweet mail

Look what arrived in the mail last Friday...... Such sweetness - it made me so very happy! How bright and cheery and spring-timey. The very talented Miss Fi crafted this gorgeous brooch with her very own clever hands.

This little brooch of happiness measures only 7cm across, each of those hexagons are only 2.5cm across!!! I'm blown away by how precise and perfect and neat this brooch is.

If you're impressed too, have a chat to Fi and I'm sure you could get one for your very self!


Kitty said...

That is one very sweet little brooch. Just perfect. x

Jodie said...

It is awesome and yes I have emailed already and begged just a little bit.

Katie said...

oh my giddy aunt that is the cutest brooch ever! I am loving hexagon work and this makes me very happy too. You are very lucky!