Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year!!

♥♥Happy New Year to all my lovely Silly Gilly blog readers!!♥♥

This xmas/new year holidays the Silly Gilly family has spent many a day attending numerous birthday parties, enjoying delicious bbqs and having nanna naps. It's been divine. Totally relaxing. And I've had the wonderful opportunity to sew just because. Not for Silly Gilly (even though I'm itching to get back into that sort of sewing) but gift sewing and family sewing.

Here's a headscarf I created this week for a 6th birthday gift. I got my poppet to model it for the archives before we gifted it to our friend. The pattern was adapted from Sandi Henderson's Ruffled Head Scarf pattern from her book Sewing Bits & Pieces. I love that book! So many quick projects to enjoy! And her blog, Portabellopixie, is such a fun read.

Head Scarf

And to prove that it's always a bit silly at the Silly Gilly house.....

Head Scarf - Keeping it real