Friday, 26 February 2010

Those Were The Days....

Inspired by my lovely friend (oooh, I hope I can call her that!) Lara with her always entertaining Vintage Crochet Fridays, I've decided to start my own weekly sharing session of vintage advertisements from my collection.
source: Mother magazine - May 1964

Aren't the little ladybugs around the border just so cute!? Love the sun suit at the top.

source: Women's Weekly - Dressmaking by Lucille Rivers (you've seen Lucille before...)
Is that Grandma or mum making that teen's dress? Either way, she's a pretty sophisticated and hip sewer. You might recognise this brand of zipper if you purchase zips from the op shop, like I do. Brand new zips in perfect order for 20c? Yes please!

More vintage advertisements next Friday.

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thornberry said...

Love the illustrations Gillian - and I think that we are definitely friends!