Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Poppet pops off!


My gorgeous girl is at kindy today all by herself. Her first full day of kindy and first full day away from mum (apart from being at Grandma's) in four years.

I'm not there to hold her hand. I feel like I should be! She'll even manage to eat lunch all by herself, I bet. Without me to check if it's ok. Which it should be.

I don't feel like I can string a decent sentence together today. I miss her!!!

Yet I think I can tell from the photo above that she is more than ready to have some fun!


Jan said...

Which gives you permission to have some fun too, Gillian! Hope you and the little one had a good day.

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Oh the first day is hard on mums! I always make hubby do drop off as I tend to fuss and cry. Hope Miss Poppit has had a wonderful day and you have managed to enjoy some of your time too :) xox

Nikki said...

You're little poppet is a big girl now! My kinder kid skipped off merrily and "didn't miss me a bit" all day.

I must say, I'm enjoying being able to work uninterrupted - and then REALLY loving having a smoochy kid (who I think really DID miss me)wanting lots of cuddles when we all get home.