Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Hole-y House of Silly

It's been a week of upheaval in the Silly Gilly house with the creative mind, aka me, thinking it would be a grand idea to take out a defunct fireplace in the main bedroom. The aim of which was to create more space for a new bedroom suite which didn't fit unless we removed the fireplace.

Simpler to buy a smaller bedroom suite? Well yes, but why take the easy road???!! Photos might better express the craziness that is our room this week. Sorry... forgot to take a before photo!



And whilst the room is empty and needing a good old clean, why not decide to install a built in robe? That way we get to sleep on the mattress on the lounge room floor for even longer! You would think that we might have arranged that prior to the room being worked upon but alas, alack no... The room feels bigger now and once the walls are painted and floor polished, you wouldn't be able to guess a dodgy, quite ugly 1940's fireplace ever resided in that room.

The hole-y feeling must have permeated the house as whilst making a smock this week I got a little carried away with the overlocker and zoomed past the finishing line, cutting right into the shoulder! The poor rabbit has lost his head! An embellishment is underway but I feel a shoulder is a bit of an odd spot for a flower though!




Julie said...

OOO your new room is looking good. How about a small frill over each shoulder or would that look too tizzy, poor little bunny.

clare's craftroom said...

Great suggestion from Julie about the frill . Looking forward to seeing your finished room in the meantime you just enjoy that floor !

tea and cake said...

Oo-er those rabbits faces look very surprised, in the last photo!

What a lovely space your bedroom is - you can design away to your heart's content!

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Wowzers! I would have just got a smaller bed, I'm supper lazy lol! Look forward to seeing it all finished and furnished xox