Friday, 12 February 2010

Love at the Silly Gilly house

We don't tend to be too serious here at the Silly Gilly house.

That's why 6 years ago, Mr Silly Gilly and I headed to Las Vegas and got married. I arranged the whole thing via email - flowers, chapel, celebrant, dinner, the lot!! And of course for two people who like to be a bit off centre, we got married on Friday the 13th, one day before Valentines Day. Because getting married on Valentines Day would have been way too obvious for us!

I made my dress using a repro vintage pattern with help from my MIL, made my necklace and earrings, and even revamped my mum's wedding veil so that it tied in with my dress.

And what better way to celebrate, after a beautiful dinner, but to spend the evening winning at the casino! I'm sure many a bride and groom have done just that after getting hitched in Vegas!

Shucks.... young love!! Mr Silly Gilly...... you're ace!



tea and cake said...

What a beautiful picture of love! Many Congratulations to you both, Karen xx

CurlyPops said...

Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs Silly Gilly!

Gillian said...

Awww nice story. Enjoy your anniversary! XX the other Gilly

beccasauras said...

Happy Anniversary! Everyone loves a Vegas wedding, love the frock, and a shot of Mr Silly Gilly- now we can put a face to the name!

clare's craftroom said...

That sounds like so much fun , Happy Anniversary to the Sillies !

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Happy Anniversary! I would love to get remarried in Elvis of course! Hope you guys have had a wonderful day. Beautiful picture too :) xox

Nikki said...

Great wedding pic! I love that the bride wore RED!

Congratulations to you both - hope you had a lovely day celebrating 6 years!