Thursday, 11 February 2010

Someone talk me out of this..... please!!

We currently have a dog. Her name is Ella. She likes to sleep and run away sometimes for adventures round the neighbourhood. She is a small Shi-Tzu/Maltese cross and a very easy dog to have in the family.

I also have one daughter. Her name is Nevada. She likes to yell and dance and go to the park a lot. She is still small at four years of age and a very easy child to have in the family.

Life is easy. We are a family of four and not planning on having any more babies. Human ones, that is.

So someone tell me why I have an almost irresistible urge to bring a new dog into the family? Tell me why I feel I have the need to get a dog that is out of the ordinary? Tell me why I'm thinking of this sort of dog.... a Pyrenean Mountain Dog?

Yes. A beautiful great hunk of a dog. The mountain bit in it's name should give you some indication of size and breed. They are bred to be flock protectors, left alone out in the paddocks and wild with their sheep or goats. Pyreneans grow to be about 62cm tall at the shoulder and weigh about 40-50kg. They are independent due to their background of having to be self reliant for long periods of time and they are highly intelligent.

So I'm considering a very, very big (you could say massive) dog which is independent (you could say wilful) and likes to give you big kisses (you could say drools a LOT). And they are not cheap (you could say very bloody expensive). Why? Why o why???? It just doesn't help that my local breeder contacted me yesterday to let me know they have a litter of pups due any day now and that I can put my name down for one......

I think I've fallen in love.


Lyn said...

Hi Gillian!

Here's my little bit of advice. As I've learnt, life can take all sorts of twists and turns and take you in directions and to places that are quite out of your control and, often, not very much to your liking.

And then there's the times we get to choose to do fantastic, perhaps a bit outrageous, exciting kinds of things that, in some respects, might mean a bit of extra hard work in our lives, but will ultimately be incredibly rewarding and enrich our lives immensely

So that is a round about kind of way of saying, get the puppy! The universe is about to provide to you with that litter of impending arrivals, so go for it!


Jodie said...

Oh Gillian,
We had one of these when I was a kid (actually we had 13 dogs at one point but that's another story)
His name was quilesque elizondo.
I have never seen another one and have no photos of Quil. This post has just brightened my day !

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

mmmmm..... well even with the drool, and size and cost...still cheaper then a child! Go for it! Might want to fix the yard, some farmers might think he is a threat and, well, you know. And that would be very sad. Good luck with the decision, although I think you have already made it mind up xox

trasha said...

Get him! Get him! Get him!

(of course I say this as a householder who has three dogs living inside an average size (read small in Aus terms) English semi-detached so you may have to excuse my bias.)

Nicky said...

I have a friend with two they have to get into the bath with them to wash them. Wouldnt another baby be easier

mandapanda said...

Get a reptile instead! Easy to look after, make no noise, they don't drool, and have just as much personality!
But then again, herping isn't for everyone, and coming from someone with a purebred border collie and a german shepherd X doberman.... well I'm biased.
Just add up the food bill for one year and times that by 18...and imagine all that poop you'll have to pick up for the next 18 years. If that fails to distract you, then get the dog!
Perhaps one of those M-something dogs instead, the ones that guard sheep and camels and chickens and llamas...I can't think of their name! I'm sure it starts with M.
They're a bit smaller but look the same!
I still think a reptile would be better! :D

Anonymous said...

My sons-grown up....We've had dogs, horses, ponies, cats, birds, a bunny, reptiles, goldfish, indoor and outdoor....and why after our Springer spaniel died ( I will never have another dog it hurts to much to lose them)---did I need 2 West Highland terriers (I have always been a large dog person)???? I followed my heart...went for it....and I have never experienced a happier life with dogs....ever...Since then....we rescued another... We spend lots more time sweeping up dog hair....but oh the Canine Love....abounds...I say...Go for it.


Anonymous said...

I think you will definately have to do it, go on you know you want to, beautiful doggy

Natalie said...

I'm not going to try to talk you out of it! I think it's a beautiful breed of dog. I grew up with dogs, and miss not having one here, but am waiting until our last child is around school age as I too like bigger dogs.

Tracey said...

Hello Ms. Crochet 2010,

not talking you out of it. as far as I can read the timing seems right for the new puppy. If we werent planning to live o/s in the near future we would have a dog, a vegie garden and probably 2 more cats.

DO IT i say.

Carol said...

Pyreneans. Gorgeous, VERY intelligent, BIG dogs. Hope you have decent TALL fencing :)