Saturday, 22 August 2009

Here's Where I'm Up To...

What happens when you leave a 3.5yr old alone in the room
with a cake straight out the oven.....

Caught this one from Jhoanna... who caught it from Pip...

Making ...
it slowly but surely to my goal of being eighty something
Cooking ...
multiple-tiered birthday cakes for my h'bands work colleagues
Drinking ... 3 litres of water every day
Reading ... Escape by Carolyn Jessop
Wanting ...
the house to be magically tidy when I wake in the morning
Looking ... through craft market stall ideas on flickr
Playing ... Donuts on facebook (warning... it's quite addictive!)
Wasting ... time playing above game
Sewing ... lots of new sunhats for the Silly Gilly store
Wishing ... that my daughter would never grow up past the magical age of 3.5
Enjoying ... the anticipation before a family holiday
Waiting ... for that neat and tidy housewife gene to kick in...
Liking ... being a stay at home mum
Wondering ... how many sewing machines is too many
Hoping ... Jodie had a blast today at Stitches and Craft
Marvelling ... at how quickly my studio collects clutter
Needing ... a marvelously quick antidote to that very clutter
Smelling ... the freesias which are popping up randomly in the front weed yard
Wearing ... some very comfy hand-me-down Colarado jeans - thanks Carly!
Following ... the summer adventures of My Milk Toof
Noticing ... the new green leaf buds on the street trees
Knowing ... that we will have a ball when Kellie comes to visit and teach
Thinking ... about the divine food we will be enjoying on our family holiday
Feeling ... excited about my next market in November
Bookmarking ... gazillions of wonderful crafty blogs
Opening ... my eyes to what is really happening
Giggling ... when my daughter and I play 'Wrestlemania'
Feeling ... completely happy to be me


Megs said...

Hi Gilly,
I was excited to read your latest posting about you going to Kellie's class. Are you going to the October or the November class? I am going to the November class. Can't wait.
Also where are the Markets you are going to? I am pretty new to Adelaide and I am finding it hard to find markets to sell my wares at, can you help?
Megan :)

rachelmp said...

Ahhhh, beautiful. I'm sniffing about 3 turning into 4 next month..

Julie said...

Mmmm, I can see the temptation. Patch it up with some icing, just put it up high till its sets. lol

Gillian said...

I agree 3.5 is wonderful but wait til 4!

Cass said...

Not sure about Jodie but I had a blast meeting her (and Annie of course)

Jodie said...

Annie and I had a great time Gilly, just you wait until melbourne my dear - WE will have a blast !!!

Bella said...

That is hilarious!