Sunday, 30 August 2009

A Mini Spring Clean of Sorts

I have just a few sewing patterns. Okay, so they are stored in multiple large tubs in my house and they are beginning to take over the storage area!

So what's a girl to do when she has too many vintage and modern sewing patterns? Sell them of course! The dilemma I have had though is which avenue do I choose through which to sell these patterns... Etsy? Ebay? This blog?

So I don't keep all my eggs in one basket I have spread them throughout the crafty internet land, some on Etsy, some on Ebay, and will be mentioning them here at the Silly Gilly blog.

I am a fastidious pattern owner and check all of my paper patterns to ensure that all the instructions are present and all the required pattern pieces are there too. Nothing worse than cutting half a dress and finding the lurvely 1968 wide lapel collar pattern piece is missing!!

Have a certain pattern or style you're looking for? Contact me via Etsy, Ebay or this blog and I'll be more than happy to see if I can help you.

You'll find my Etsy vintage and modern patterns here, and my Ebay vintage and modern patterns here. I sell other sewing items, both vintage and modern too. Perhaps a noice vintage dusky pink Chenille Dressing Gown might take your fancy?




tea and cake said...

I've bought patterns from you before, and can certainly vouch for your fastidiousness with the pieces! The ones I bought from you previously, arrived beautifully wrapped and quickly delivered, especially considering you sent them to me in Scotland! Good luck with your sales.x

Emily said...

Love those patterns. The one pictured looks late 70s early 80s?


I am from Scotland. I think this is the pattern I made in my first year of secondary/high school. I made a black capped sleeve dress. That would have been 1973/4. OMG hehe