Saturday, 1 August 2009

How many is enough?

I know it is only physically possible to use one sewing machine at any one time, but a girl should have a good few sewing machines in her collection shouldn't she? I already own three....

Yesterday morning's garage sale jaunt turned up a sewing machine of a make I had not heard of before. Necchi. Italian made, this beauty just begged me to bring her home. How could I say no? Made in the fifties, this Necchi Automatic Supernova (what a name!) is one very heavy machine and is in pristine condition. She comes with an amazing accessory box with many feet and attachments and a set of cams to enable you to stitch 270 different decorative stitches.


The amazing lid on the accessory box has a selector dial incorporated into the lid, and shows you which cams to select and the different settings to choose on the machine, just with a quick turn of the dial. I've never seen anything like it.


At the bargain basement price of $20 I feel that this is a machine that will live in the studio for some time. Below are some snaps from the three handbooks that come with this gem. Gorgeous fifties illustrations. Just my thang!


Anonymous said...

Check out the Necchi Sewing Machine Yahoo Group

Also, see some of Ed's comments about Necchi's here:

I have several of these Italian-made beauties, and they are like fine jewelry! And what a bargain you got. Enjoy, they sew like the wind, and are so quiet you won't believe it.

Madison, WI

CurlyPops said...

There is never ever any such thing as enough when it comes to sewing machines - expecially when they're $20 and have 270 stitches!
Garage Sale Gold!

Jodie said...

You are the queen of sewing machines Gilly ! I love the name!

Nikki said...

Too many is never enough, I say.

What a funky shape for a sewing machine. I wouldn't even care if it couldn't sew.

Katy said...

What a brilliant find! You have inspired me to get out next weekend and do a bit of a garage sale run!

Jessi said...

wow! when will i find something that special at a garage sale?

clever find gilly

Anonymous said...

wow Gillian I can't believe you have scored ANOTHER beauty you are sooo lucky and I was just reading your post on the other garage sale with all those goodies the baskets etc, what is it with Adelaide?? you have the best garage sales in the country and you seem to have the luck of the Irish (whatever that maybe???lots of luck I guess!!!) love love love your new machine and a super cool atomic type of name!

Tania said...

WOW! What an amazing find. I'm really not hitting the right garage sales!

Missie Krissie said...

green jealousy smoke is coming out of my ears! what a find! I'm sure you 2 will be best buds for many years to come!