Monday, 8 June 2009

Home for lost sewing machines

I seem to have a knack for finding lost dogs and homeless sewing machines.

Visiting the op shop on Friday, I was leaving with my purchases, when outside the front door I spotted a old case someone had dropped off outside. Thinking it was a old typewriter, I got excited and opened the cover. Of course, it was an old Husqvarna Zig Zag class 20 sewing machine. I popped my head back into the op shop and told the lady in there it was out there, attempting to pass it to her. She asked me if I wanted the machine, as they don't accept electrical goods.

And of course I said yes. How could I leave a poor abandoned 1950's sewing machine to sit out in the cold and perhaps be thrown in the bin???





She runs. Quite nicely but there is a catch. The needle doesn't go up and down. Dang.

Complete with most of the attachments and the instruction book, she's a ripper of a find. Now.... what to do with her....


Jessi said...

my goodness... how gorgeous does she look? Even just as an ornament? What about finding a local person to fix her up for you???

or even for one of the sewers that may have lost their sewing machines in the bushfires?

or ebay?

or maybe you weren't wanting some annoying stranger suggesting what to do with it?? ;) If so, please kindly tell me to mind my own business!


Selina said...

oooh, she's very cute! even her case is sweet!

Gillian said...

They don't make 'em like that anymore do they. I love the colour.

CurlyPops said...

Op shop GOLD!
Even if she doesn't actually work, she will look beautiful out on display.... and then you could also use that gorgeous case as part of a display with something in it as well.

Marina said...

May not be working properly but it's gorgeous nontheless!

Anonymous said...

how amazing! what luck, it is meant to be you have her fixed and she lives with you!! (even if you don't have her fixed she is a gem)

Lyn said...

I'm sure that someone like Otto from Otto & Penny's Sewing Centre at Walkerville (yep, local Adelaide girl here) could fix the old girl up!

What a find. She is just beautiful.

Betty Jo said...

I can tell you have fallen in love with your newest orphan (the case alone is loveable).
I think this girl knows where your coming from....

Jodie said...

and she's greeeeeeen !

Julie said...

Laughing here. You and I should set up a sewing machine museum. I've aquired a few oldies in the last few months including a 50's Singer that is the same colour as your beauty. Hearing your story, you can't give it away can you, it sounds like it was meant to be yours. Get a quote on getting it fixed, even if it only straight sews it will be fun to use occasionly. It would make a great show piece if it doesn't work.