Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Organised happiness

Sometimes, maybe twice a month or so, I get overwhelming urges to tidy my studio. Cleanse the palate perhaps. Here is the result of last night's efforts:

Simple really but look at what a $2 purchase of a sectioned container at a cheap shop can do for organisation and clarity in my workspace. And I'm a big fan of rainbow colour groupings, so it makes my heart happy too.

And because I love reading others' little bits of inspiration and helpfulness, I've decided to share my way of making the labels that I use for my Silly Gilly products. It'll be my first tutorial, but hey, so many gals and blokes do it, it can't be all that hard?? So, tutorial on Silly Gilly style product labels, coming soon..........


Miss C said...

pretty pretty buttons.......I only have mine in a jar, and each time I want something, I tip them all out trying to find something suitable. I like your idea better.

iRiS said...

Hi Silly Gilly:)

oooo I cant wait for the tutorial
I tried making labels with my printer and some calico and I stuffed the printer jammed it to buggery whoospy daisy hahahaaha

good luck in my giveaway too :)

off now to explore your blog

Kylie said...

Looking forward to your tutorial - I would love to make some if only to mark the backs of clothing for Miss 3.
Love the buttons - I have way to many to store like that!