Wednesday, 3 September 2008

It's time for another giveaway

This is what happens when you store all your delicious patterns in an Ikea box that isn't secure at the bottom. I was attempting to find some patterns for this giveaway and when I picked up the box......... the box base gives way and they all decided to launch themselves to the floor, even into the bin! So I take this as the universe telling me I have waaaay too many patterns and it's a good thing I am willing to part with some.

Of course, I have an ulterior motive for this giveaway. I have a dilemma. I can't quite decide how to photograph my children's aprons for my Silly Gilly website. Here is what I currently do:

Not a very exciting photo, but practical nonetheless. I would love to have the apron displayed with a little more pizazz when I photograph it for the website.

Sooo, if you can leave a comment by 9pm Monday 8th September with your idea for a creative and visually appealing way of capturing my aprons, you'll be in the running for this:

From left to right:
Style pattern size 5 - Child's Dress - gently flared bias cut dress. Circa 1976.
Style pattern size 2 - Child's Shirt, Skirt, Trousers or Shorts. Circa 1979.
Butterick pattern size 1 - Easy Toddlers' Pantdress or Pantjumper. Circa late 60's.
Sytle pattern size 2 - Child's Dress or Tunic, Trousers or Shorts. Circa 1972.

All patterns to my knowledge have all the pieces required and all have full instructions included.

If you want an example of how a vintage pattern giveaway can change your life, check out Curlypops' new career as a trouser designer!! She won a Silly Gilly pattern giveaway and hasn't looked back!


Anonymous said...

It would be awfully sweet if you let your kids model the aprons. Or you could borrow some anonymous kids to do it. I just think it would be great way to showcase the aprons to their best advantage.

CurlyPops said...

I would love to play but that would just be greedy now wouldn't it! Don't enter me (although I'm drooling over those patterns) but I have the same apron dilemma and have had to model them myself (uuggghhh) so I would love to know what creative solutions come forward.
PS Today's cowboy pants were from your pattern too!

Super Monkey said...

Do you have a tree that could 'wear' them for the photo shoot? I always find it hard to get shots that show things at their best.

Selina said...

Coathanger outside on the clothesline or from a tree might work. :)

Ravenhill said...

I love to see things on a real model. If you can't do that then maybe hanging up on a hook in a cozy kitchen? Otherwise I think things look so cute when you put them on a clothesline with clothespins. I love seeing things on a neutral background, white especially so that the patterns can really pop out at you. Do you have ACDC or use photoshop? I always use one of these programs to adjust the exposure on my shots as they are seldom as light as they should be! I also think that you can easily do a close up of the fabric for one of the poses as you have used such cute ones, but can't see the details of it in the larger shots. You can also try angling the shots to add interest and you don't always have to show the entire item to get the best shot. Just showing a bit of it can be enough to know what it is and to make you want to see more!

Hope this helps! I have worked so hard on my photos and still am working on it!

~Emily in Norway

cindy said...

A model is best as it gives you an idea as to how long it is, etc. You can usually cut off heads if need be. In the kitchen with a bit of flour and a wooden spoon would be good, even if you didn't have model, hanging on the kitchen cupboard with the baking bits around.

Miss C said...

With a massive cook-up for the little ladies, wooden spoons, bowls, chef hats :)miss e and Mr E love their aprons you did them, infact, they got a work out this morning.

I'm sure miss e would help out !

........(patterns are very cute. pity i'm useless with a sewing machine...)

Kylie said...

I would have to agree that getting a few models to pose would be great - you dont have to have the kids heads in them if you dont wish - just nexk down. I hope that this is of some help to you! We all seem to have said the same thing. I will go and have a look around blogland and see if I can find a few more ideas for you.

Ravenhill said...

I am still pinching myself that I am the winner! These are such wonderful vintage patterns! Thank you!!! I look forward to see how you tackle this photo deilema. It really does take some work to find wonderful ways to shot one's work.
~Emily in Norway