Thursday, 4 September 2008

Exercise = Good Karma

It's a beautiful sunny spring day here in Adelaide and the sunshine inspired me this morning to get out and walk. Of course, a walk is even better if it has a destination, and what better motivation to have to exercise than to be aiming for a local and as yet unexplored op shop!

With my daughter loaded into the pram and many a healthy snack on board, we trundle off and I'm proud to say the round trip was 5.6km's. Wowser! But it gets better.

Look at what we found at the lovely op shop at the half way mark of our trip:

I don't know why I have such an interest and love for vintage children's books, particularly those from the 1950's and 1960's, as I grew up in the 1970's. But these are such fabulous examples. I particularly love 'The Party' which is a Ladybird book which you may remember from your childhood. The 'Bedtime Stories' book has great illustrations that I may frame for my daughter's room. And they were all such very good prices that I gave the lady a little extra out of conscience!

The other thing I'm going to start today is my first block for my new quilt, The Little Bluebirds quilt by Janelle Wind. I received my first pack in the mail yesterday from the very helpful Sarah of Quilt Fabric Delights. Photos tomorrow of my progress. I'm off to sit out in the sunshine and get started. Ah.... spring. Makes me happy.


Betty Jo said...

Gorgeous books.Every time I visit an opshop now I look for Bookcases so I have somewhere to put all the books.
I totally remember having "The party" as a girl, just from the cover!

CurlyPops said...

I think it's the illustrations in those old books that make them so appealling....the just don't draw them like they used to!

Miss C said...

Found any more about carbon atoms?? i'm building a small but very strange collection of old school science books for mr e.....ah back when the world was flat..

Anonymous said...

oh what a special haul you have there! great find. I too love the vintage books, I have some that were mum's and they are so special! I am running out of room though on my shelves as my daughter and I fight for the Golden Books! She has a collection of nearly 200! But she has let me keep a few so I have about 60, I must stop looking for them but I think it's an addiction, yes another one!!!

Annie said...

I think I have The Party somewhere in my collection. It looks very familiar. Bring on Spring. I feel lucky to be so close to Ric Rac and see all her new ideas first hand.