Sunday, 23 November 2008

Sweet pink dolliness

This week has passed by so quickly and yet so slowly. I have been fully engrossed in making my last large Steiner doll for a customer's order. She has turned out beautifully, even if I do say so myself! So much so that it pains me to think I'm not making any more. But they are so time consuming and labor intensive that I really can't fit any more in until my daughter goes to school.
Here's a couple of photos of her just before she went to her new home.



Now for me it's back to smocks and summer hats and little girls handbags and aprons and library bags. Expect to see the stock in my store grow by the day! I've another post to write about some lovely things people have sent me but I'm off to play with someone and her new train set! No such thing as gender-specific toys in our house!

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Jodie said...

Its so true, dollies take such a long time that there is a bit of a wrench to let them go, I find