Monday, 3 November 2008

Little girl's handbag

I recently had a request from a lovely lady to make a little matching hat and bag set for her granddaughter. It's been so much fun making something new and a little different to what I normally make. Methinks that I might be adding more little hat and bag sets to the store soon.... I'll post a photo tomorrow of the matching set.



fi said...

what a great shape and fabo fabric:)

CurlyPops said...

Very sweet! A perfect gift.

sewfunky said...

what a neat bag!

Sarah-Jo said...

oooooo how sweet is that bag its a delight Gilly!

Im trying to get onto your site to order some of those lace up cards and I keeps saying error

do you have an email I could send my order thru instead?


Kylie said...

Looks great - looking forward to seeing the set.