Friday, 7 November 2008

Beautiful Creatures at our House

We had such an interesting day yesterday with lots of different animal and bug sightings. We saw a beautiful bright green praying mantis on a trip to the accountants.... and yes the blogger in me wished I had my camera with me!

I also had the dog going crazy in the backyard so off I went to investigate. This little fellow was the cause of all the commotion. Isn't he beautiful!? A sweet blue-tongue lizard, just hanging out in the shade. It was such a great opportunity to show my daughter and have a discussion about what lives in the backyard.



And look what else landed at our place this morning.... a very fuzzy, buzzy bumble bee!! We have a belated Halloween party to attend this evening and I got to work last night on the overlocker. Boy, an overlocker sure makes quick work of fleece material! Hmm, that hood is a little big. Ah, well, a few safety pins will do the job!



Sarah-Jo said...

Hi Gilly

The lace up cards arrived this morning and they are already a big hit thanks so much
:) its made my sons day

fi said...

cute!!! what a lovely bumble bee:)