Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Well, not really toe-curling, hair-pulling ow but ow all the same.

I'm seriously impressed and astonished at how much my boobs don't hurt.

6 days ago I had breast reduction surgery and my breasts went down from a G cup to a D cup. The new size will be confirmed once all settles down in the swelling dept.

And the crazy thing was the surgeon removed almost 3kg from my chest area. That's almost 3 bags of sugar I had hanging round my neck.

Things I know now....

I can now see my toes.

I now realise how flabby my stomach is. Couldn't see it pre-reduction.

I now may be able to purchase bras in colours other than beige and white.

I now realise how much you really need to itch when you want to but shouldn't.

I now think my boobs are tiny. Even though apparently they're not.

I now have boobs that are firm and conical and resemble what mine should have when I was 20. Being now 36, I feel like I'm cheating.

And no, you won't be seeing any before and after shots folks. Sorry to disappoint.
Back on board soon with craftiness.


Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Woohoo! I know friends that have had it done looked amazing and felt even better!

Congratulations to you and your ladies xox

Jessi said...

oh i am so jealous! i am a d/dd and would love to be a b/c!!

i hope it makes life easier for you!!!


Trash said...

Glad that the soreness is so much less than anticipated. How exciting to think a whole new bra world awaits.

tea and cake said...

ooh, poor you, but wow! at the same time. Hope you're feeling lots better soon. And, lacey, and colourful as well!

Cass said...

I would love to have mine reduced. I'm a dd/e and would love to be smaller and hopefully have less back pain and find nicer bras. Congratualtions

mandapanda said...

How awesome Gilly! I'm planning to have this op, and hopefully go down from a H-J to a D. I would rather C's but they won't go down that far. I'm sick and tired of dragging two bowling balls around all the time. Both boobs are each bigger than my head, and it looks so out of proportion. What a relief to know that it won't be mad toe-curling hair pulling ow after wards! And I am in my early 20s...
I had to give up sport and excercising once they got too big as it's hard to do anything, which means I've gained a ton of weight over the years. I can't wait to see my flabby stomach and be able to do something about it without my back killing me!
I'm so glad you've done it, I'm sure life will be so much easier for you now!

ingrid said...

Ouchy! I hope you have a super quick recovery and enjoy shopping for some new rainbow coloured bras.

Jenny Wagner said...

I just stumbled across your blog, and have to tell you that I LOVE your boob post! I am a BIG chested woman and can soooo relate. I've wanted to have a breast reduction for over 15 years now. Maybe one day. :D Congratulations on yours!