Sunday, 15 August 2010

Getting back into crafty headspace

Here I find myself three weeks post-boob reduction and all is great. Very minimal pain and all healing well. I even dipped my proverbial toe in the water today and tried a D cup bra on and it fit!!!!! It was even in a delicious hot pink colour!!!! Methinks a whole new world of bras in all the colours of the rainbow awaits.

On the crafty front I've signed myself up for Round The Block 2 and am busy preparing to start. I've chosen a quilt block and 11 other lucky ladies are going to sew my blocks for me and I will return the favour for their blocks. A very convivial arrangement indeed. Here's some test runs of the blocks I have chosen. Please ignore odd colour choices. It was late and I was tired! I'm going to try another version of this block tonight but with two circles, one inside the other. Should be great!





Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

I love the colours!! Look forward to making your blocks. I still need to choose mine lol! xox

Katy said...

Great choice of fabric! Hope your looking after yourself x