Friday, 16 July 2010

Little bits...

Mr Silly Gilly went on a lovely 2 week trip to the UK to attend a friends' wedding. I had the option to tag along but the thought of a 18+ hour flight with an emotional 4.5yr old just didn't twirl my tassels.

He brought home some lovely loot for me including this book. So much information that is just as useful now as it was back in 1941. Ideas on how to spend your pennies thriftily and make your own accessories. How to repurpose worn out clothes, hats and suits. Ideas for hats. Making your own undies.

I've also been making slow progress knitting my daughter's Rainbow Dress. It's been tricky learning the increases and shaping required for the bodice but apparently now it might be straight sailing as I am now up to just making the straight skirt. Who knows, I might even get it finished before winter ends!!



Cherry said...

Oh will you bring the book to Owls? I'd love to have a look through it. Nice work on the knitting too. It's going to be such a special dress.

clare's craftroom said...

What a clever husband , that looks like a great book !

ingrid said...

Oh that book sounds great! I hope they aren't making the undies out of the reporposed hats. But I guess that would be better than hats out of undies!

Good luck with the rest of the dress. It looks beautiful so far.

bed frame said...

Where did you get that book? I want to learn how to sew. I think that book is going to be a big help in me. I like what you are doing. Very creative design.

Running Thread said...

Ooohhhh that book is a treasure - and much more pleasurable than an 18 hr flight!
I just picked up a vintage sewing book last week in the op shop. I love the thrill when you stumble on something wonderful.