Thursday, 1 July 2010

Blimey it's cold!

With such beautifully sunny days and clear nights, the weather is decidedly chilly of late here in little old Adelaide. I had a request for a new beanie in pink from my poppet so off to Ravelry I headed and found this pattern. It's the Granny Skull Cap and a very easy and quick pattern to whip up. I added an additional row to the length and in hindsight perhaps could have added another one. With some on and off again hooking, I made this up in two days in Moda Vera Harmony which I found at Spotlight for $2 a ball! This hat only took one ball of yarn to make. To finish it off I added a crochet flower in cotton using this pattern and a vintage button. My poppet loves it and I love it as it was so easy and cheap!




Nicky said...

Where can I learn to crotchet - I soWant tohave a little try

Natalie said...

Love the new hat! I was just searching patterns in rav the other day and have saved off so many new ones, now just have to decide which one to make first.

Nikki said...


Bloody freezing here. Even I'm thinking about picking up a crochet hook.