Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sunshine on a rainy day

A very early progress pic of the Rainbow Dress I'm currently knitting for my daughter. The yarn I'm using is Gradient Dyed Four Bags Full Merino. As a rainbow fan, I'm in love with how the colours are so gradually changing as I work. Hopefully I can make some speedier progress on it. I'm a slower knitter than I am a crocheter. Maybe she'll be able to wear it before she's 16....


And just wanted to share with you a sweet corner of my studio from this afternoon. My favourite winter flowers, Paperwhites (Narcissus) and my favourite little donkey friend for the corner. The perfume is so strong from these flowers. They always make me smile.


Have a happy week everyone! May there be many sunshiny winter days for you this week.


clare's craftroom said...

Beautiful flowers and they do have the strongest smell !

Jessi said...

ohhh i cant wait to see the dress!!!!

Catherine said...

you're right, that is beautiful yarn - maybe the motivation to keep on seeing the lovely colours will help you keep on knitting!