Friday, 11 December 2009

Rainbow Love

I love rainbow coloured things. Not necessarily rainbow shaped things but things made in rainbow coloured hues. Or groups of the same things in differing shades of the rainbow.

So when I found these balls of yarn for $1.50 a pop at the store the other day, I brought an armful home to create a little coin purse for myself. The perfect portable project for my whirlwind trip to Sydney this week whilst I donated some of my eggs to my gorgeous friends.

Here's the before and after progress shots. The pattern is called 'Change Purse' and it's from Crochet Today - March/April '08. A very kind gal at Brown Owls allowed me to copy the pattern from her magazine. Now to source myself a purse handle and a nice fabric with which to line the purse.


The yarn is 49% cotton and 51% acrylic and is so easy for a beginner like me to use that I went back to that very store and bought another two balls of each colour!! I can easily set aside my usual dislike for acrylic yarn when the colours are this vibrant and especially when the balls are now marked down to $1 each!!!!!!

I'm now off to see if I'm bold enough to join in with Amy on her Let's Make 7 crochet block endeavour.....


Beth said...

oh, they turned out so pretty! Ilove the vibrant colors!

Bird Bath said...

what a sweet colourful project - well done! Hope your mission in Sydney all goes smoothly.

Lissa Jane said...

Oooh I bought some of those too for $1.50.. I thought they were a bargain! I am thinking we both must shop at Kmart! LOL

have fun in Sydney :0) its gonna be HOT this week there..


Renee said...

those colours are gorgeous!

Corrie said...

gorgeous! I'm itching to get crocheting again!

Christina Lowry said...

Oh my! Where did you get these gorgeous cheap yarns??!! I want! I want! :)