Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Things For Which I Am Grateful

It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks. Returning from a Bali holiday with weird lumpy arm-pit virus. Cramming madly trying to prepare for a market that I've had a whole year in which to prepare. Starting the medication process for becoming an egg donor for a gorgeous couple of friends.

Lots of opportunities to choose either the glass half full or the glass half empty view on life. So do I collapse in a giggling heap or a hysterical frenzied one? I've just read a fantastic post which sums up life as a work at home mum hilariously! Check it out!

To get back to that glass half full kind of perspective I thought I would do as Belly Beyond, the author of that great post, has done.... A Things I Am Grateful For post.

  • 34 degrees today before another two days of 41 degree forecasts
  • How Bamboo/Soya doesn't fray during my beginners crochet attempts like Bamboo/Cotton does
  • Our gorgeous emerald green front lawn thanks to subsurface irrigation
  • The jacaranda trees in full bloom either side of our yard
  • That my daughter will munch on celery as if it is the yummiest thing in the universe!
Anything you are grateful for today?


Jan said...

Okay, here goes:

I am grateful for:

Regaining health after a bad bout of pneumonia

My lovely husband and daughter and everyone who makes me smile, laugh and feel good

Finally having a day off during the week - it's today and I'm loving it

Today's sunshine and the gorgeous flowers in my garden

Tracey said...

ditto on the jacaranda trees, ours just got its ass into gear are started to flower on Sunday. i was gettin worried!

jealous of your emerald green lawn. i think its dust bowl for us this Summer.

oh I'm also grateful that we are having a heatwave smack bang in the middle of school swimming week. But not loving to swim among kidie-pee :s

Cherry said...

Did I spy that you are crocheting?! Nice work, love to see the progress at the next owls meeting! x