Friday, 13 June 2008

The Happy Swappers

I like to think of myself as a fairly easy to get to know kind of gal. The kind of gal that is very willing to help out another happy gal.

So of course, and definitely no personal gain interest of any kind involved here (ahem), I've started a flickr group called The Happy Swappers.

It's a group where I envisage that people post photos in the photo stream of the swap cards they wish to swap. They leave the photo there until a) someone contacts them saying they would like to swap with them or b) they see some cards they would like to obtain posted in the photo stream. Once they have agreed to swap with the other person, they remove their photo from the photo stream. Clear as mud? Any suggestions? Please contact me if you have any ideas as to how to make this new group more streamlined.

Thanks to Liz who put the first word out there that she had cards she wanted to swap. Let's hope it builds to something nice. :D

Bear with me on this group as it's just in it's infancy and I'm working it out as I go along. Sounds like life a little, don't you think?


Betty Jo said...

I'll get a pic up as soon as I can.
It would be somewhat ironic if we end up swapping with each other again!!??

Cathy said...

what a great idea - now I just have to find my old swap cards - they are here somewhere - heaps of Holly Hobbie type ones if I remember rightly.