Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Bundle of books

Another couple of days of op-shopping under my belt. My daughter now asks, when told that we are going shopping, 'To the op-shop Mummy?' with a hopeful tone... Am I starting her too early? I think not. Nothing like being a thrifty two year old.

So I thought I might update with my recent finds.... I think I have a new collection growing, aside from the Little Golden Book obsession collection. Fifties and sixties children's books with their gorgeous illustrations and sometimes scary and not entirely little kid appropriate messages.

I quite like the book titled Ginger the Foundling... do you know of anyone that uses the word foundling anymore? Of course I had to look it up in a dictionary - foundling: A deserted or abandoned infant; a child found without a parent or caretaker. The book had more full colour illustrations inside and curiously not one paragraph indent....

The Lazy Fox and Red Hen (1958) is a great parable, advising in a roundabout way that it's always handy to have scissors and thread in your pocket. Now there's a safety tip if ever I read one...

And of course there was a couple of cracker Little Golden Book finds, including Jerry at School (1972). Makes me think of Jerry Seinfeld!

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Marita said...

Some lovely books there. We have the red fox one, and it is a bit scary. My daughter also likes the op shops, she knows I'll always buy her a trinket or two.