Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Pretty and not so pretty

Last month my daughter and I went skipping up to the hills for a photo shoot with a lovely and very talented lady called Kirsty Burns.

Kirsty has a fabulous natural talent for photography and runs an Adelaide-based business called Appleseed Photography. It was fun dressing Nevada up for the shoot and we even had the luck of a duck waddling by.... thought I would share some of Kirsty's gorgeous work with you...



And the not-so-pretty of today? This is what greeted me literally three minutes after I brought my 8mth old boofa of a puppy home from being groomed...
Why do I bother!!?




IfiHadaHammer said...

Beautiful photos of your daughter! what gorgeous surroundings and such a pretty girl! Your puppy is huge.

emma said...

Chocolate coated puppy!

Corrie said...

that is hilarious! what a cuuuuute dog...even dirty!