Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Big Announcement + A Giveaway!

I'm super pleased to be able to finally tell you all about my new venture. It's been the big secret squirrel project I've been busy on for the last month or so.

As you may know, I
love fabric. I also love fifties and sixties style and illustrations. Combining both of those factors into fifties and sixties kids fabric prints and I'm a very, very happy woman!

So to share my love of these things, I'm
proud to announce Sew Vintage.... my new online store selling retro inspired children's print fabrics and vintage sewing patterns. Gorgeous prints from Michael Miller, Alexander Henry and more. Fabric is available in 0.25m increments.

Come and have a peek inside, find some gorgeous fabrics and stroll through the collection of vintage patterns from the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's. I will be continually adding to the collection of patterns.... I have hundreds more to add in fact!


To celebrate the opening of my second online store, I am also holding a giveaway! The prize will be a fat quarter or panel of your choice of one of the prints below. Simply pop over to Sew Vintage, then come back here and leave a comment telling me which fabric design is your favourite and why. The winner will be drawn on Thursday 21st October. Giveaway is open to readers worldwide.

So pop on over, have a look and tell your friends! Free postage on all patterns! Cheap postage on fabric! And remember to come on back and check in now and then. I'm always adding more patterns and fabric.

Have a great weekend!!





trash said...

You are right, I do have nice eyes ;-)

Such an exciting adventure for you. I am sure it will be a fabulous success.

Catherine said...

OO i love the transport ones. Mainly as i like most transport related fabrics as this is my passion for work. I'm sure that i also remember wrapping christmas presents in the late 70s or thereabouts in paper something very similar to that santa fabric.

Great stuff
Cat M

willywagtail said...

Mmm> Love that last panel. Hope all goes well for you. Cherrie

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Gillian, Love " Ruthes party. The kittens remind me of little golden books I had when I was growing up. The "pokey little puppy" and the "kittens who lost their mittens" How I loved those stories. Good luck with your new site. Sandy. :-)

Lee said...

Congrats on your new shop. I love the Christmas Wishes fabric or the wiener dog fabric is funny! Reminds me of my mom and grandmother and the fabrics they loved.
Good luck w/ the new shop. I like your blog. (my eyes are green btw - that made me laugh to read.)

The Clip Cafe said...

Oh I just love Cowgirls - it reminds me of a bedspread i had when i was younger. Whenever I look at retro vintage fabrics it makes me think of my childhood and I feel happy :-) POsted your giveaway in my side bar and follow your blog too :-)

Catherine said...

Retro rocket rascals is my favourite! Partly because I like the name, partly because I remember being a child and kind of thinking that we would all be travelling around in rockets when we grew up!

FeltLikeStitchin said...

What a gorgeous selection of fabric - I feel like a kid again!
I think my favourite is the Clown Bonanza:)

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic collection! I couldn't go past Transit for my boys, finally a vehicle fabric I can enjoy too!


Toughie said...

Aww, thank you! I love what you've done with your hair! Those are some beautiful fabrics; I love the Santa's Presents print. It reminds me of the old cards and scraps of wrapping paper we would find when helping my Nanny decorate her tree. Good luck with your new store :D

gill said...

What great fabrics! My boys would love the vintage vehicles