Tuesday, 23 June 2009

35 is the new black

I participated in a Vintage Swap organised by the lovely Crafty Librarian. She used SwapBot which is a whizz bang online doo-dad for organizing swaps. I received this lovely package of vintage rick rack, bias and buttons all the way from the USA.

Now loyal readers don't, as I did in a recent blonde moment, have a 'oh my golly gosh, I haven't cleared out my bobbin section and now it's blocked to buggery' moment when my trusty sewing machine stopped working.

I got the screwdriver out, used a dry paintbrush and dusted out all the fluff, fibres and thread that had accumulated in and around the bobbin case over the last six months. Feeling very virtuous, I took above photo as a wise warning to those of you who, like me, had forgotten that you need to do this very speedy and easy maintenance on your machine. All that fluff on the right was in there clogging up all the workings.

Don't then, as I did, turn your machine back on and then swear (out of kiddie hearing distance of course) because your machine still isn't working. Then swear some more and slap your own forehead when you realise that all along it was just the bobbin winding lever was switched over to stop the needle going up and down..............................


It's also a week of celebration in our house. Yes, a week, not a day, of celebrations for my birthday. I'm very happy to be 35 today and quite bemusingly see it as the downhill slide to 40. After the novelty of today has worn off, I'll feel quite happy to be 35 and not see 40 as the end of the world. But just for today, it's boggling my brain cells.

Got the hubby to snap a birthday portrait last night on the kitchen floor, in the style of her majesty. Doesn't the queen sit on the kitchen floor too for her birthday portrait??


We had a lovely dinner last night with the family and enjoyed a gorgeous lamb roast, roast veggies and chocolate raspberry brownies with icecream for dessert. Here's a tip. If you like chocolate raspberry brownies, make them with almond meal instead of flour. They'll stay gooey and runny in the middle and the result is divine. I might share my recipe for that in another post.

After dinner my fluffy sidekick Ella was posing just like the queen's corgies must for all those magazine shoots. Here's some official canine portraits I snapped last night.



I designed today's menu weeks ago. Is it bad to organise one's birthday around the meals?? Pancakes, maple syrup and icecream for breakfast. Left over gooey choc and raspberry brownies for morning tea. Yum cha for lunch. Haighs choclates for afternoon tea. Thai prawn and basil stirfry and champange for dinner, and decadent chocolate pudding for dessert.
I want to turn 35 every day....


clare's craftroom said...

Have the best birthday . It's really not so bad being 35 I wish I was 35 again . Happy Birthday !

Julianne said...

In my bestest singing voice:
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Dear Gillian,
Happy Birthday to you!

Hope you have a lovely day!

I am proud of you, not freaking out by turning 35... I am 28 this year and am already starting to dread turning 30, lol.

Wish I was at your house, I am so hungry now... raspberry brownies, chocolate, pancakes... YUM!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday. 1974 was a very good year.

CurlyPops said...

Happy Birthday Gillian!
35 is definitely the new black and the best age to be this year.
Love the queen portrait, and I wish I was joining in on that magical birthday feast today (although I do have some Haighs chocolate hidden in my secret stash...might have to go find it).

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Even if I am jealous that you are only 35 and I will be turning 38 in September - now that really is nearly 40!!!!

Great photos too!

And I really insist that you share your raspberry chocolate brownie recipe with us RIGHT NOW!!!!

Lucy x

Annie said...

Happy Birthday Gilly, and what a magnificent menu - wish I could have been there.

Jan said...

Ah, 35 - I can hardly remember that far back! Sounds like a fabulous birthday and remember - you don't HAVE to turn 40; 35 could be the new recycled 21 and so much more believable (does this make any sense? It's been a tough day at the library). Best wishes, Gilly, and long may your birthday celebrations continue.

tea and cake said...


Anonymous said...

happy birthday Gillian, aren't you gorgeous!!! hope you had a lovely day and really.....35 is sooo young I wish I was 35

Jodie said...

Happy birthday Gillian , with food like that I'd be extending it out all week (and I am just a bee's whisker from 40 )

Lisa said...

Happy birthday Gilly! What a day of meals, wish I lived at your house.

Cass said...

Happy birthday. I cleaned my machine out recently too and it was far worse than yours!

our shabby cottage said...

Crickey am I on the downhill slide then....?
Happy Birthday for yesterday Gillian. Looks like you had a fantastic day. That food looks and sounds mouthwateringly naughty!!!