Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Let's go shopping!

One doesn't hear me say that very often. Let's go op shopping yes, let's go shopping for items costing over $10... no.

But I have the delicious dilemma of purchasing a new digital SLR camera for my early birthday present. The dilemma part of it is that I have no blimmin' idea of which one to choose!!!

  • must be able to interchange lenses
  • one of those lenses needs to be one with a fantastic macro ability
Simple criteria... but there are so many options out there, I thought I'd throw it to you loyal readers. Do you have a camera with which you are absolutely in love? Are you able to take photos with the background completely blurry and the fore or mid ground sharply in focus? Are you able to take cracker close up shots of still items, such as jewelery or small items?

If so, let me know what your camera and lens set is. Pretty please.
And to finish this photography based post, here's one of my favourite shots of my little poppet, when she was quite young.


Amy (badskirt) said...

I have two cameras which I manage my blog and shop with. "My" camera is a Canon Digital SLR EOS350D. It's an older model. I have two lenses. One standard one that I use for macro shots and my animals - 18-55mm. One long lens for landscapes, 90-200mm. I shoot my animals, magnets, etc.. with it.

I also use "his" camera which is a pocket digital. I think it's a small Sony. I use it when I shoot fabric and things that I don't want depth of field (blurry foreground/background) on.

Feel free to email me, if you have more questions about the camera. I'm happy to answer and point you at example photos.

Amy with blue eyes. I'm glad you noticed!

Amy (badskirt) said...

I thought my non-blog photos might help with my camera as well, so you can see marco, landscape and depth of fields that you asked about:


I think the Canon 400D is the current cheap upgraded model.

our shabby cottage said...

What a cracking photo!!!

Sarah said...

Yup Canon Rebel is my camera. There is a newer version out but I know SO MANY people with it and who LOVE it. Good value and GREAT shots. Once you get your camera you need to PLAY play and PLAY. Maybe even join up an Adult Education class on how to best use your digital SLR?