Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Where has the mojo gone??

I've been eating healthier of late. A LOT healthier. Needed to as I want to be alive when my daughter turns 20. Okay bit of an exaggeration there but it's amazing what having offspring will do to the guilt factor and motivation for living just a tad longer.

The downside of this health kick is that I have lost my sewing mojo. Oh. My. Golly. Gosh.
Have you seen it? Anyone??? Please????????? I've looked under the couch, under the dog's bed, and even in the shed out the back. It's just not anywhere. Normally Silly Gilly spends her nights sewing like a mad woman creatively snipping and stitching away. Hopefully my sojurn next weekend at Inspired Stitches will do just that. Inspire.

So not much sewing whatsoever lately but lots of 'I don't need that anymore' or otherwise known as 'Get this clutter out of my studio!!!'. I would rather offer my wares to you loyal readers so in the next week I shall be listing some of my craftily related wares that will be for sale. Think vintage patterns, vintage sewing books, vintage toys. Hope something will take your fancy.

I did crack out the camera though in the kitchen of the wondrous late autumn light this week and took some snaps of the still life about the place.



I did make last week a top for my daughter from a seventies pattern size 3. I will be giving this pattern away this week so stay tuned for that!


Amy (badskirt) said...

oh. I'll count my pennies, quarters and dollars and big bills to save up for your wares!

Missie Krissie said...

I think your mojo and mine have eloped together. When you find them can u let me know? :) It might be the weather, that's what I'm blaming. No doubt they'll be back sooner or later!

Lyn said...

oh yay! LOVE the top (and the fabric choice too).

My blogging mojo has gone out the window, so I know how you feel. When I lost the sew-jo a few weeks ago I picked up my knitting which was great fun!

tea and cake said...

Poor you! But, saying that, is it time for you to move on - to other stuff, perhaps knitting as Lyn says?
I do hope you are okay and keeping well. keep in touch. x

Anonymous said...

I love the cute top Gillian!! I hope your mojo returns very soon! It's a weird thing how it comes and goes isn't it?? but I can certainly relate to your pain!!!

three buttons said...

Your daughter is soo cute!!

I seem to lose my mojo every 6-7 months, I just let the phase pass and then before I know it it just returns twofold!!!

three buttons said...

EEek! That's my crafty inspirational sewing mojo that is!