Monday, 6 April 2009

Click Clack

I've been working on my daughter's castle bag and fingerpuppets and spent a nice part of Friday afternoon sitting in the backyard starting my project whilst my daughter played outside.

As usual I had my fluffy companion Ella right under my feet, the sun was shining through the trees and I was using some lovely cheap but cheerful coloured yarn.

And Saturday morning's garage sale haul was a doozie too. This time the biggest find was for my MIL Robyn. Robyn's just taken up smocking to add to her already amazing repertoire of skills. I found a Sally Stanley Smocking Machine for the bargain basement price of $10!! Considering they go on Ebay for over $100 I was pretty happy with that find!

And I also picked up these curtains. Please tell me what you think. Got these for $3. They are vintage 50's - 60's and in okay condition. I'm just not convinced that the print is nice enough to be pretty without looking like a circus tent with wedding bouquets all over it?? What do you think?


Jodie said...

You are the garage sale queen, and your crown is safe!

Jan said...

Your version and mine of pretty must be different, Gillian, 'cos these curtains are pretty - trust me! Hope life's fun in Adelaide.

Gillian said...

Pretty pretty if you ask me. Love that colourful wool too.

Anonymous said...

I can HONESTLY say Gillian the curtains are gorgeous! They literally took my breath away! you lucky lucky girl I think they are a very special find! I hope to get to the op shop today with the one purpose to find some curtains to cut up, then I see yours! trust me, they are pretty

CurlyPops said...

I think they're very pretty. It probably just depends on where you're going to put them. Hubby might not appreciate it if you hung them in the bedroom!

ingrid said...

I LOVE the curtains!!!!
$3 is an amazing price for them too.