Thursday, 12 February 2009

Red tape!!! ##%%@@!!$##

Well the very kindly Julianne of Unique Scrapbooking alerted me to the fact that you can't sell items on Ebay when the funds are going to charity without that charity's written approval. Dang!

I have contacted the Red Cross to organise a fund raising approval letter but I understand they are busy. If it too tricky to obtain such a letter, we'll flip the auctions over to Etsy.

I've had lots of replies from gals wanting to send something along for the cause. Just waiting for the postie to knock on my door now!

I'm so amazed how quickly the Handmade Help button is spreading across the blogisphere. It's amazing and yet not such a surprise as I've come to learn that bloggy, crafty gals are in the whole, a very generous caring bunch.

So keep the donations coming. Nothing will stop us in getting some money to those souls who desperately need it. Get those needles clicking, sewing machines humming, and overlockers whirring!

And have a look here at the Handmade Help blog for up-to-date info on how you can help.


Cindy said...

Just to let you know I hve updated the blog and we will just have to put EBay on hold for a while so it can be sorted. There are still lots of ways that people can still sell their items - DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED.

CurlyPops said...

I just arrived home and have an email to say that the items I was bidding on have been removed from Ebay...drats! I hope you can still list my apron without using the dreaded Ebay removal words.