Monday, 16 February 2009

My secret food shame...

I'm joining in on a little Eye Spy game this week after seeing it over on Jhoanna's blog.
Just Needs Salt suggested this week's theme.

I am an absolute mad woman for the four items above.
1 - Cadbury Caramel Eggs. They come out quite a while before Easter. I am very grateful for that.
2 - Caramello Koalas. For some reason I can't eat one by itself. I have to eat two. Two large ones.
3 - Haighs Chocolate. Sensing a theme here? Particularly the peppermint frogs, the caramel bars and the milk chocolate.
4 - Raw Cookie Dough. Can't get enough of it. My biscuit batches would be quite a bit larger if it wasn't for me eating half the dough.


Jhoanna said...

Oh yummo! Looks like you ♥ caramel :-) I also love the cadbury creme eggs!

Cass said...

Haighs yummmmmmmmmmm. I remember the first time I was in Adelaide for a conference and tasting my first Haighs chocolate, thank goodness we have a store here now

trasha said...

No, no. Raw biscuit dough. Now that is just not right.

Miss C said...

Haighs and Shame should never, ever be said in the same sentence. Unless of course the sentence is "oh my, what a shame we have run out of Haighs!"

Julianne said...

Mmmm, yummo. Anything Caramely and chocolaty is trumps in my book!