Saturday, 7 February 2009

It's the little things that matter

Not much craftiness going on in the Silly Gilly household today. Too. dang. stinking. hot.
Cool change due tonight thank goodness!

For some reason I thought I would post about some little things that I do in our everyday lives or with my work with Silly Gilly that helps us tread just a little lighter on Mother Earth.
  • Buy the majority of my daughters clothes at the op shop or garage sales
  • Use scrap photocopy paper destined for the bin from Mr Silly Gilly's office to print Silly Gilly paperwork on
  • Use my rinse water from one kitchen sink bowl to rinse out the suds in the other
  • Donate clothing and toys to the op shop on a regular basis
  • Use my daughter's kindy art work as wrapping paper for gifts
  • Use only 2/3 of the required washing liquid on the clothes and it works just fine!
  • Habitually turn off lights whenever I leave the room
  • Either don't use plastic bags for my fruit and vegies when buying them or else reuse them for the next shopping trip
I'm sure there are other things... I'd love to hear of other little day to day things that you do that are unique to you or not many people have heard of. I'm always on the lookout for things to do which help us have less of an impact on the earth.

To finish the post here's a beautiful picture that helps just a teeny tiny bit to cool me down....
It's by jtravism


CurlyPops said...

When I bought my latest washing machine (a front loader), the shop (who also repairs and services machines) told me to never use more than half a scoop of powder because it's completely unecessary. The detergent manufacturers just want us to use more so that we buy more.

tea and cake said...

The only quick one I can think of just now, is that I turn off the tap while brushing my teeth to save water. Even though our water comes off the hill, and not through the mains.
I love that picture, too. And, we are snowed in by snow drifts and cold here, still!

jesska said...

When my shampoo and conditioner gets about two thirds full, I fill them up to the top again with water and shake it up - works just the same and lasts longer! The same goes for handwash, dishwashing detergent... all sorts of things :)

Anonymous said...

I have such fond memories of my Po washing out and reusing all the freezer type bags you buy your fruit and veg in. Everytime we would go there, his little inside clothes line was always covered in washed out freezer bags!

Last year I started to really think about the impact we have, our carbon footprint and we made some minor changes like a compost bin, I make my own soap now (which is heaps of fun!), we have a vege garden, I don't leave the pc monitor on etc. just little changes.

I think that making those small changes really makes a big differance at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

Oops, that should be 'Pop' not Po!

ladydi said...

We've been using cloth napkins for about two decades now, and do all laundry in cold water.