Saturday, 23 August 2008

Oh no, not more Little Golden Books...


Found more today at a garage sale. 35 more to be exact. Today I actually decided, out loud, consciously, to aim for collecting the whole damn lot. Not that that was my intention previously, but now it is. Am I loony? Methinks.....

I have also been a busy bee this evening piecing together my Doll Quilt Swap 4 quilt. I found the pattern here. 12" square, it still needs lots of embellishing but apart from that, it's coming together nicely. I'm thinking of some red or pink stitching. Maybe buttons? Sorry for the low quality photo, that's late evening photography for you.

But there is one piece in the quilt that is bugging me completely now I've uploaded this photo... Can you guess which one? It's funny when you view something through a different medium, it gives you a fresh outlook. Looks like some unpicking is due tomorrow.

And I've finished a smock that's been waiting in the WIP pile for some time. It features a great retro print with little boys and girls playing pirates and finding treasure!
It's size 5 and available here in the Silly Gilly store.

Have a great Sunday everyone!!


Jodie said...

Hey Gilly, You know I am not a quilter but would it be that plain blue piece?
Your smock is gorgeous - love that fabric.

Marina said...

Love what you've been making - smock and sunhat are fabulous!