Sunday, 17 August 2008

The handing down of the patterns

Garage sales rock. They are a lovely new family tradition. Here's a great garage sale story from this weekend.

Find garage sale in progress in empty office building. Bit suspicious but venture inside. Find in back room a three box bonanza of vintage sewing patterns. Feel like I've just passed out and I'm hallucinating...

Bark quick instruction to husband to ask woman how much patterns are each. "50 cents each" is the report. Frenziedly make a 'must have' pile, a 'how cute' pile and a 'what were they thinking but quirkily cute' pile (I've gotten terribly efficient in weeding out the bad patterns).

Woman comes down, sees the slightly manic but ecstatic glint in my eye and we banter excitedly when she finds out I sew with vintage patterns for my daughter and she offers the lot to me for $2. Two Dollars!!!!!!!!! I feel quite light headed and thank her effusively. Leave with 30 vintage patterns dating from the 50's and 60's, mostly children and some ladies. Here's some of my favourites:

I have also started the hair cap for another Steiner doll. This one just a little influenced by a good friend of mine, the elusive Miss C. Don't you love the colour?? Seeing my knitting makes me giggle. I'm a very new knitter.

And if you are twoing and froing about whether to see The Dark Knight, just do it. It is AMAZING.

Happy crafting everyone and have a great week!!


trashalou said...

it is good to click with someone and share the craftong love.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Two dollars - no way! Your patterns looks amazing. What a treasure trove.

Cathy said...

WOW! Lucky you! Those patterns look so yummy!

CurlyPops said...

What a fab find!
Why were they having a garage sale in an old office building? That's a little strange.
I love the 1950's dresses with the tiny waists (I wish I had one of those).

miss c said...

heheh.. I have influence :)

You know I am going to have to come pilfer those patterns?

Knit - R - Done said...

Keep knitting! It looks lovely.