Sunday, 6 July 2008

The greatest thing I've heard about for ages...

Life should be about happiness. Sometimes it's not. But when there are people around like Bianca there are so many more little opportunities for happiness to blossom in a little child's or big child's heart.

Bianca runs The Toy Society where she makes soft toys and drops them at various places around Melbourne, Sydney, and the ACT. There are even upcoming drops in Rotterdam, Madrid, London, and New York!! Bianca leaves the softies for someone to find, take home and love. The softies even have a little note with them to let them know who has made them and how they can leave a comment on Bianca's blog to advise where they now live.

It's ideas and people like these that make me smile and make life just that more rich.

Photo courtesy of Bianca, The Toy Society

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