Saturday, 5 July 2008

Fleece Fashionistas

And next, Ladies and Gentlemen, on the catwalk we have.....

Mr E looking resplendent in purple and red. Don't you just love the way he works the camera?
And following him is....
Miss E, focusing intently on the Hills Hoist, as all good housewives-in-training should.

Here we have Mr T and Miss E,
...looking intently through the rest of the Silly Gilly collection... Miss E - "Is that what I think it is, Mr T?" Mr T - "Why yes Miss E, it's a one of a kind Silly Gilly original and I saw it first!".

And last, but not least, the paparazzi shot of the other Mr T making a run for it before the press see him.
The fine print - No animals or small children were hurt during this shoot and all items are available for your viewing pleasure at Silly Gilly.

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Miss C said...

what beautiful models you have! wish I could get one :)